(20f) getting fucked in the library

so this story happened back in January. both me and my ex boyfriend are school students so we spent a good amount of our time in the library studying and working on homework. we typically went to the sixth floor of the college library, which was indicated as the “quiet floor”. the floor wasn’t packed, but there was a good amount of people on the floor due to the semester just starting and people trying to get themselves organized. one day when we were sitting at a table studying, i was extremely horny and couldn’t focus on my schoolwork. all i wanted to do was touch and be all over my boyfriend. to let him know how i felt, i started rubbing his cock through his pants and kissing his neck, which I knew was a “trigger” for him. after a little rubbing and kissing, i unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. i put my head down between his lap and started giving him a sloppy blowjob. it was so hot seeing his reactions and seeing him watch me in utter shock. because i didn’t want him to finish during the blowjob, i stopped. i was wearing a skirt at the time so i slightly stood up, slipped my panties to the side, and positioned myself over his cock and slowly let myself down on it. we were both struggling so hard not to moan, as we both didn’t want to be heard and caught by anyone nearby. i got about five bounces in on his cock before he whispered “i’m cumming” and came inside me. was definitely one of my favorite study sessions.

NSFW: yes

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