2 business – Short Sex Story

My husband had 2 of his old friends coming round and he invited them to stay with us. I asked him what he expected of me and he said it was my call but he had bragged to them that I gave the best blow jobs ever. They showed up late one evening and we made small talk until bedtime. Kev told me both bill and Gary had told him they would like to see a bit more of me so I he showed them some of the many pictures we had took
The next morning we all had breakfast and then we showed them around town. After lunch, Gary said he had a gift for me and then produced a very sexy bra and panty set. I blushed a bit and told him it was very nice.They all, hubby included started insisting I model it. I went into the spare bedroom and put on the bra and panty set and also a garter belt and stockings with a pair of high heels.
I told them I was ready and they came in and whistled their approval. The bra barely covered me and Kev asked to get a picture of them with me. I insisted that if I was in my underwear they should be too. They eagerly complied. It was quite obvious that they were both hard. Bill pulled down one of the cups and tweaked my nipple. Kev said that was a good shot so Gary tweaked the other. Then I posed lying on the bed.
Gary said he had an idea for a great picture and lay on the bed with me. Bill of course lay on the other side. At kevs request, I lost the bra and they each cupped a breast. “Okay guys,” I cautioned,Before we get carried away, no one is gonna get fucked here. We can play around but no one is gonna fuck me, okay?”
Bill now pulled the crotch of my panties apart revealing my pussy for the first time.
Gary sucked my nipple as bill pinched the other. Next thing I knew Gary was on his knees beside my head and put his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and welcomed his stiff cock. Meanwhile, I groped for bills hard cock and began to stroke him. He got on my other side and I turned my head and sucked his cock for a bit. I went back and forth licking and sucking first one cock and then the other.
Bill got me up on all fours and as I went back to sucking Gary he pulled my panties apart again “just to get a peek at that ass”. He gripped my hips and pushed against my pussy with his hard-on.Kev again told him “just blow jobs” but bill said, “Take the picture”. As Kev did so I felt bill cock push into me. Before he could make another thrust I leaned forward and crouched down on the bed. Bill put his finger inside me and eased it in and out, I went to work on Gary’s boner and I moaned as I sucked and soon he was cumming all over my mouth and face. As Gary was stroking his still cumming cock bill was finger fucking me so good I heard myself say, “Oh God fuck me.” He certainly wasted no time and pushed his boner inside me and gripped my hips, thrusting in and out of my hungry pussy. I pulled Gary’s cum covered cock back to my mouth and sucked him until bill made me cum and then filled me with hot sticky cream.Afterwards, I lay down and bill got over me so I sucked his balls for a bit as he dripped the last of his cream on me. Afterwards, we all sat on the bed naked chatting about what the next weekend would entail.

NSFW: yes

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