2 Buddies, Wanking on Omegle

While my family weren’t nudists, nudity was quite common and readily accepted in our household. I would see my parents nude after a shower, have seen my sister nude at a glance on occasion, but more common was the nudity in the shared bedroom with my brother. From our mid-teens (he is 2 years older) to the last time we roomed together, we were completely nude the entire time we were in our bedroom. Of course, as teens, this naturally progressed to being very comfortable masturbating in the same room, most often in full view of the other, sometimes even watching the same porn. It was just life for us. Before you ask – no we didn’t.

Into my adulthood, this was obviously less common as we both moved out but there was a couple of occasions where we shared a room on stag parties and the likes where we went back to old habits. This experience shaped an exhibitionist streak in me where I loved to hang out naked and especially with others. It would take me to frequent nudist beaches and eventually nudist groups online. I was just into my 30s when I started frequenting organised nudist events in Ireland. Let me tell you, there was little to see here when it came to beauty – most attendees were older, some much older than me. I did make friends with a fellow 30 yr old nudist called Mike, however.

Mike had an athletic create – same as me at the time – the big difference between us was his cock, it was at least a show-er, flaccid it hung lower than his hefty ballsack, uncut like me and shaved bare despite his quite hairy body. Myself and Mike became good friends and would often meet to HON, as we called it (Hang out nude). At first, this was literally just that, HON, nothing else, until one day Mike asked me to recall a story I had fleetingly told him about before – my MMF threesome.

We were in my apartment at the time. As I recounted in great detail, my own cock had swelled as I remembered my experience. There was some bi action in this. Mike had told me before that he had played with guys on occasion so this was a definite turn-on for him and you could see it in his cock as it swelled up. Now I could tell he wasn’t just a show-er. He was a grower too. It was thick but not too thick, he wasn’t fully hard but you could tell that it must have been gigantic when hard. As I came to the end of my story, the two of us were sitting opposite each other sideways on the couch and our cocks were both beyond semi-hard but not fully hard. Neither of us had touched ourselves.

Mike praised my story telling “Fuck, you have a way with words! I wasn’t expecting to get hard here!”.

“Ha, yeah same!” I replied. “I’m going to need to take care of this”.

“Same, but I’ll never make it home in this state!” he joked.

At this point both of us had now started to touch our own cocks. “I don’t mind if you want to join me and wank here, might be a bit of fun!”

Mike laughed as he stroked his now fully hard cock. “I don’t think I could get this back into my pants at this rate, anyway! You’re cock looks really hot by the way”.

Of course, it was the first time he had seen it hard, as I had his. My cock is aesthetically pleasing in fairness. A good-looking cock but by no means a monster cock like his. Mine is just shy of 6.5in and thick enough to look and feel good at that length. I kept mine fully shaved too.

We watched each other stroke in relative silence for a couple of minutes before I spoke up. “Sometimes, I like to wank on Omegle, have you heard of it?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it but never used it. Is it good?” he replied, slowing his stroking to conversation level wanking.

I had slowed too, both of us still rock hard, I had a tonne of precum at this stage and had spread it all over my cock and cock-head. I could see that his own cock-head was glistening with his own precum.

“It’s hit and miss but that’s part of the fun! Do you fancy wanking on cam together?” I followed.

“Sure! Sounds fun!”

I set up my laptop and webcam and we moved next to each other on the couch, I got omegle up and set it off, we matched with a guy of course. He watched us wank our cocks for a few seconds, probably longer than he would watch one guy. He skipped. This happened a couple of times before we landed on a fit black guy who seemed a little more interested. He was fully clothed but immediately began to strip and join us wanking. As he got naked, we discovered that his cock was a little smaller than Mikes but still stunning. As all three of us wanked, I had begun to edge as I felt I could pop any moment. Mike seemed to be very close too but it was our black friend that burst first. He lifted his cock-head close to the cam as spurt after spurt of creamy cum blasted from his brown helmet. It was really hot but I wanted to last longer than this, so did Mike. We held it together and skipped after our black friend softened.

Another couple of guys watched us, even a group of guy friends watched us for a little while, curious and even saying they should join us but neither of them would be first to actually go for it, eventually they skipped. Still edging we got through another 5 cams before we landed on our first girl. A stunning Canadian red-head. Her mic was on and she spoke first “Oh my god that’s so fucking hot! I was NOT expecting this!”

“Haha, well I’m glad you enjoy your surprise!” I replied, slowing my stroke as another squirt of precum oozed from my cock.

“I love it! I was a little horny on here but my pussy is screaming now! Haha”

“Well maybe you should tend to it!” I encouraged.

“Ok, I don’t have the patience for teasing but I want ye to do something for me before I get naked. I can see that both of ye are quite wet. Please scoop up some precum for each other and feed it to one another and I will get naked for you”

We hadn’t planned on doing anything together (at least I hadn’t) but we both had had bi experiences in the past so this wasn’t beyond our limits. We looked at each other, smiled, and that was enough of a signal to know that we were both game. We each squeezed our cocks, oozed some pre onto our fingers before feeding them to each other. Pre doesn’t taste of much but the texture sure is slick and slimy and gooey and really horny to eat, especially another mans pre.

When we looked back to the screen our Canadian friend was already fully naked and was fucking her pussy with her own fingers on cam for us. She was moaning and panting frantically, she was obviously enjoying this and was bolting for a quick cum as she strummed her clit hard and fast. “PLEAAASEEEEE WANK EACH OTHER. FUUUUCKKK!!”

I grabbed Mikes cock and wanked him. He did the same to me. His was fucking gigantic in my hand. So wet and slick too. We all got a little frantic then and myself and Mike were treated to a very obvious orgasm on the opposite cam. Our Canadian friend convulsed and grunted and moaned as she came watching us stroke each other. This set me off and I threw my head back as I blasted several cum shots over my belly, balls and Mikes fist. In a flash I scooped up some of my cum with my free hand and double fisted Mike with my own cum for lube… he blasted after a few seconds himself. Copious amounts of cum all over both my hands, his belly, his balls, I rubbed it all in to his softening cock. We looked back at the laptop and she was gone, there was now a bemused looking young white lad looking at us, spent.

I closed the laptop. Mike got cleaned up and dressed. We agreed that this was way too hot of an experience to not repeat, we would have to meet to wank on cam again! That’s a story for another day!

NSFW: yes

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