[19M] Strip Poker Leads To Same Bed Foursome [MFMF]

This is a true story recollected the best I can after 40+ years; I’m attempting not to embellish it in any way. The names are changed to protect the not so innocent.

Back in school (early 1980s) my high college buddy (Stan, a bit over 6ft and rather thin, with curly blond hair and mustache) and I were dating two girls. He met his (Jan, short and petite brunette, well toned with perky boobs and a tight ass) during a party when we were in highschool (she went to a different college than us) so he had been with her about 1.5 years. We both met her at the same time (at the party), both tried flirting her up, but in the end she was smooching him on the couch midway thru the party (guess she didn’t dig short pudgy guys). Drats!

I had recently met my girl (Denise, my height 5ft 9in, a bit lumpy with a fat ass and jiggly jugs) only a few months prior to this night. I would classify Stan’s and Jan’s relationship as serious, whereas me and Denise’s relationship was just playing around (the terms FWB and FB didn’t exist back then).

Denise lived alone in a dumpy one bedroom apartment with only a ragged couch in the living room (which had no curtains and whose window looked out on the girls dorm across the street) and a queen mattress on the floor of her bedroom. There were several nights, after we’d banged around awhile (and she wandered off to sleep) on which I’d peep the windows of the girl’s dorm with binoculars from the couch. Sadly there was rarely anything fun to see other than some topless coed walking around her room. Interestingly, later on (after Denise and I broke up) I went on to have a one night stand with a girl in that dorm (or was it two nights? Cannot remember.).

This particular night Stan and Jan came over to the apartment to have some drinks (yes, drinking age back then was 18) and chill. No TV. No clever devices. Actual talking and playing board games. After we finished the board game (don’t recall what it was) and several drinks we decided to play strip poker. I don’t recall the particulars of the game, but my recollection is that we were all shedding clothes at about the same pace and ended up naked at roughly the same time. It was a treat to finally see Jan’s firm and well proportioned boobs (with pokey nipples) and nice cunt with a thin bush.

After everyone was naked we each started kissing, caressing, and fingering our girls. I had previously asked Stan if he and Jan might be interested in swapping, but he indicated that she’d never go for it. So after things started heating up Stan and Jan moved to the couch with me and Denise moving to her bedroom.

Denise sucked the soul out of my dick (and swallowed like a good girl) then I ate her to an orgasm (I think two). About that time we heard Jan squealing in delight so we got up to snoop on them and saw they were finishing up with essentially the same activity.

Luckily at that age it didn’t take us guys long to recover so Stan and I were getting hard again and it seemed it was time to do the main event with our respective gals. I remember Stan having previously told me that for whatever reason Jan couldn’t take birth control pills and he was a penny pincher (cheap) and too embarrassed to go into the store to buy condoms (Amazon didn’t exist yet) so they all the time went bareback and he pulled out and spunked her stomach and chest. So I got one of my condoms, tossed it to him and said “Have fun finishing inside for a change”.

So we left them on the couch to do their thing while we went back to Denise’s bedroom to get our game going. We didn’t really pay much attention to sounds from the living room because we were making our own noises, but after about 15 minutes or so both of them came into the bedroom (condom still on Stan’s dick), Jan kneeled on an empty spot on the mattress, and Stan started pounding her from behind (Denise was riding me at the time). We all banged away at our respective partners for probably an hour, switching positions (and occasionally stopping to refill our buzz with more boose) several times. It was a blast seeing each others’ rods pistoning into the girls’ juicy snatches. I have no idea which of us shot our load first. All I know is that we were all spent after that.

Sadly we never repeated the event as me and Denise broke-up shortly afterwards (because I needed to concentrate on my studies and I wanted to do random hookups, which, sadly, was rare back then).

Ironically, the following year Stan and I both moved out of our parents’ houses and shared a two bedroom apartment. My bedroom was adjacent Stan’s and there were many nights where I could hear the two of them going at it (for what seemed like hours). Sadly they never invited me to join (I would have in a heartbeat). Sadly I never wondered of tape recording their noise so I could play it back later…grrrr.

I remember one morning (after one of their marathon events) that I woke up and went to the kitchen to make breakfast and Jan was there in a bath robe; Stan had already left. She asked me something like “How did you sleep last night?” And my answer was something like “Harder, harder … Deeper deeper … Faster faster … Oh yes… Oh yes… Right there!” She turned beet red and said “I’m so sorry about that”. I said “Don’t worry…I enjoyed it. Good thing I keep a roll of paper towels in my room.”

Fun times.

NSFW: yes

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