19F Tapped out by 7 men

One of my ex bfs and I (19F) had gone into the swinger lifestyle. We were open minded enough for sure – soft swap, full swap, mmf, ffm, ff, interracial, public. But one weekend, I was gang banged by 7 guys.
We set up the gang bang through our swingers group. It was a mix of 3 white guys, 4 black guys and me. We met at a hotel and the night was overwhelmingly fun. We started around 7:30 in the evening and I tapped out at 3:30 in the morning. These men fucked me into oblivion and I just could not do anymore. (When we got home, I showered and went to sleep, sleeping until 2:00 the next day.)
This is not for everyone. I am submissive by nature and I had to be when being passed around from cock to cock and my holes were randomly being filled by hard cock over and over. I enjoyed this, probably too much since we have talked about doing it again in the future. There is something wild and unhinged about being the only female in a room with seven men who are all there because you are down to fuck and suck. I am looking forward to my next gang bang for sure!

NSFW: yes

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