19F Side fling went too far


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I (19F) was dating this professor in my school. He is my ultimate in spite of what I have been doing. We do everything to avoid having children even though birth control gives me big problems. He shoots on my stomach, my mouth, or safe cycle time inside. We have all the time been satisfied.

I met a new classmate Jeff (21M) one day and he was attracted to me. We both were not single so I played it off. He wouldn’t quit flirting with me and I finally joined his flirts. One morning we met on my break time and we found a secluded room. We kissed heavy, he sucked my breasts, and he fingered me to an orgasm.

We didn’t meet for a couple of weeks out of his quilt. He came by and told me to wear a dress the next day which I did. We met up and I got to see his wonderful dick and I was hooked on it. I gave him a bj and swallowed. He actually tastes better than my bf. We then chair blocked the door and he tended to me well. He is what any woman would grade as a perfect sex partner. Tall, dark complexion, perfect length dick, and has a big chewable head on that dick. He knows when to hit that erotic point during sex. I have gigantic orgasms with him.

It isn’t like we have sex often because we know our boundaries. We don’t have sex as often as we’d like to. I all the time get his big load with a bj then when erect again he uses all of me until he climaxes again. I’m totally sexually used when he’s finished.

Now up to last years Thanksgiving holidays. He came by to tell me he would be alone during the holidays. I told my bf I had to go on a “family trip” with my parents for the weekend. My lover basically stayed at my apartment for three days. We hung out more like husband and wife. We would have sex twice a day but he would go home for the night. We mainly had loving sex, not sex until I hurt sex. The only thing I let him climax inside me every time.

I had sex with my bf within an hour after I “returned” home. I didn’t hop off when he was climaxing, I told him I couldn’t help myself because I missed him so much. I think I might be pregnant! I’m actually excited also but I don’t know who’s the father of the baby I might be carrying.

NSFW: yes

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  1. GeorgiaGeneal

    I was just waiting to get a pregnancy test and wondering if my wonderful sex flings were at an end.

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