19F Reunited with my fuck buddy

This past weekend I (19F) got to spend with my incredible fuck buddy (30M) once again. First time since the end of January. Was supposed to be a couple weeks ago but I was sick so that sucked big time. The weekend after that he had to work overtime so we couldn’t do it then but he had extra time off this weekend so it was perfect, Went over a month without seeing each other. This time I met him about halfway and we stayed in a hotel. He was already there when I got there and boy was he ready for me. I let him know I was close to the hotel so he was prepared. I immediately got turned on seeing him naked and ripped my clothes off and we both went at it because we couldn’t wait any longer; I sucked his cock while he ate me out: we both moaned loudly. We had both been needing that so bad! I sucked his gorgeous cock hard and deep and licked and sucked every bit of it until he moaned and shot his load in my mouth. He came a lot! It shot out hard and fast and I missed a little because I wondered he was done cumming but there was still more! I love that he cums so much and I can tell how relieved he is after he gets done, He continued eating my pussy even after cumming. He tongue fucked me and spread my pussy lips and licked every inch of my pussy. Up and down and in circles. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and told him not to stop! I moaned out in pleasure and had a mind blowout orgasm. My body quivered and had its release and it felt soooo good! I felt relieved as well. We had both needed sexual relief bad! We went right into fucking because you know we just can’t get enough. He fucked me from behind. My pussy was still wet so he slid in and out so easily. He kept thrusting his cock in and out slowly and then got faster. He spanked my ass a few times. He kept fucking me hard and fast and I loved every minute of it. I was so glad to be getting fucked again. He started quivering and his cock started pulsating so I knew was about to cum again. He moaned and shot several loads of cum out again . He had had a lot built up. I was already close to orgasm myself and I had another amazing orgasm. He let out a sigh and said how damn good everything had felt and that he had needed that for awhile. We fucked quite often over the weekend and he ate my pussy out several times as well as me sucking his cock. I drained his cock dry and he was extremely satisfied and so was I. We had one final lick, suck, and fuck right before I left. I rode his cock like a cowgirl. I bounced up and down on it and humped his cock. I fucked him so damn good and he told me as such, I also got to sit on his face while he ate me out right before I fucked him. I ground my pussy into his face while he licked every last inch of it and I came on his face and then he licked my pussy clean. I let him cum on my tits when I sucked his cock this time. He told me he wanted to. I deep throated him and took all of his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and thrust his cock in my mouth harder and harder. I teased the tip a few times and then continued sucking it deep until he came. Now have to wait until our next meet up which sucks but hoping it’s this coming weekend! Not near as long as the last few times but it will be just as amazing no matter what.

NSFW: yes

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  1. ResistFluid1743

    I wish my fuck buddy and I lived closer to each other so we can fuck like this everyday.

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