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When I was 18, I noticed that guys around my house sometimes had a big bulge in their shorts. Both my dad and my Grandpa seemed to have a bulge in the mornings when I saw them walking around.

I would often snuggle up to them or maybe sit on their lap to make their bulges get even bigger. My dad for instance would sometimes try to cover up if I was sitting on his lap and wiggling around. Same thing if we were all playing in the pool and I would wrap my arms and legs around him piggyback and rub his bulge with my feet. I loved to see that big bulge when he climbed from the pool in wet shorts. Of course he would usually cover it with a towel, sometimes not.

Now my Grandpa was a different story, he didn’t work and was home a lot more than dad. I loved to sit on his lap watching movies and we would play tickling games and I could feel his cock grow harder under my butt as I wiggled and giggled. My grandpa was much bigger than my dad. I wondered dad‘s bulge was big, but Grandpa’s was even bigger.

One morning when playing around, I lay my head on a little throw pillow on Grandpa’s lap and slipped my fingers under the pillow and actually touched his hard cock. He jumped like he had been shot when I touched his cock. After a few minutes, he announced that he was going to take a shower and when he got up his cock was hard and bulging against his boxers.

I followed him to the bathroom and when he tried to shut the door, I stepped inside with him. Out of nowhere I asked him if I could take a shower with him. He just grinned and told me no. I told him I wanted to see that thing in his shorts. He laughed and said “I knew that” and he kicked off his shorts and I was amazed at the size of his cock, I could barely get my fingers around it as it swung back and forth. Then he told me I should get the heck out before something happened.

I ignored him, and I did what I do best, got on my knees and gave Grandpa the wettest, sloppiest bj he’s had in years. I swallowed his load and was happy I finally got to play with his bulge as we got in the shower and cleaned up.

NSFW: yes

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  1. ResistFluid1743

    Even today if I’m at the pool at my complex or at the mall, I’m always checking for guys with a big bulge. I guess it’s a kind of kink I developed.

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