(19f) my dad’s best friend groped me under a blanket during movie night

In the period when the pandemic first started, my dad‘s best friend lost his job and needed to move his family into our spare room. Because of the sudden change of two families under one roof, this meant a lot of more awkward encounters.

I wrote yesterday about the first encounter of this manner, when I let my dad‘s best friend grab my ass and then eventually watch me masturbate. On a night following this, he decided to take it a step further.

As part of some kind of bonding ritual (mostly so we didn’t kill each other) we all assembled in the den once a week to watch a movie. On such a night, I was already curled up on the loveseat on my phone. When we did a roll call and started to choose a movie, he plopped down right next to me with a bowl of popcorn. He turned and gave me a knowing smile. I had never done anything in the presence of other people before, so I was slightly intimidated but smiled back.

When we got set on a movie, my dad called Alexa to turn all the lights out. It started out innocently enough, it really seemed like all he wanted to do was take grabs at my thigh when nobody was looking, or rest an elbow on my boob while he was grabbing popcorn.

Then, things took a turn.

“Hey _____, where are the throw blankets? It’s freezing over here for some reason.”

I saw his plan immediately, and I’ll admit I got a little bit excited.

“I’ll grab one!!”

I jumped up and grabbed one from my room, then threw it at him playfully on my way back in. He spread it out over himself, then I sat back down and covered up as well. The advances immediately followed.

I found myself with a large hand around my thigh, slowly inching upwards. I felt him slowly stroke at my underwear underneath my shorts, and I quivered. Then he moved up and felt beneath my shirt, discovering there was no bra in his way. With no hesitation, he grabbed a boob firmly, and pinched my nipple. I had to cover my mouth so as not to whimper, which was fine because it was a horror movie anyway.

He continued playing with me, and eventually teased my underwear down to where I would be easy access. He eagerly slipped a finger inside me and felt how wet I was from him. I reached down slowly and grabbed another finger, pushing it inside me as well. He slowly stroked them inside and out of me, making me drip onto the couch and the blanket.

As revenge, I reached over and ran my hand along his bulge. I had never seen his cock before but it felt intimidatingly enormous. I started to imagine how much trouble I’d really be in if I started riding him. Surely, it would ruin my life and his. I could look out right now and look into the eyes of his wife and my parents, and yet with his fingers inside me it didn’t feel like it mattered. I had never needed to get fucked this badly before.

Nevertheless, I restrained myself. Instead, I unzipped his pants and pulled his giant cock out from them. I ran my hand along the shaft, then started slowly pulling up and down. I occasionally spit in my hand, but not often enough to get caught.

Pretty soon, we were both bound to cum. The movie was almost over, so I knew it needed to happen quickly, I took more and more risks with how fast I handled him, and in return he sped up as well. He was up to four fingers now, stretching out my little 19y/o pussy so far that I wanted to scream. His cock was covered in my spit now, and you could begin to see it soak through the blanket. I was going so fast now that I lucked out in nobody looking over and noticing, and eventually I felt my hand and the top of the blanket drenched in his hot cum. This sensation made me go into an orgasmic frenzy as well, and I accidentally slipped a little moan, quickly covered up by a cough. We sat there drenched for a few moments, while I pulled my shorts back up and he rezipped his pants.

After the movie ended, I got up and threw the blanket in the wash before anyone could notice. It was a fucking thrilling experience, and it only made me hornier thinking about how easily somebody could have seen us. How easily his wife could have seen a 19 year old handle his enormous cock, or how easily my dad could have seen his daughter getting fingerbanged by his best friend 🥵

NSFW: yes

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