19F My bf didn’t deserve this


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I (19F) been hooking up with a guy Daniel (29M). As usual with these things, my bf was traveling and I had raging hormones. I kept reminiscing to relive this experience. I was so horny that I fucked my bf every night. It felt great, but I am starting to feel a little guilty for thinking about Daniel while in bed with my bf.

This past Saturday evening, my bf told me that he’d like to go fishing Sunday morning. I said, “OK, but we’ve been staying up late for the past few nights, I’d like to sleep in.” Then without thinking, I texted Daniel, “Hey.”

We had already turned in early for the night, no sex. I was quite disappointed, honestly, not because we didn’t have sex, but because Daniel hadn’t replied. When he did reply, my heart jumped in excitement, even though all he said was, “Hey.”

I bit my lip so hard in guilt… here I was laying next to my bf and texting this guy. I was having some serious second thoughts, but I was also so horny thinking about Daniel, so I quickly and simply responded, “DTF?” His next reply was really quick, he said, “When and where?”

At this point, I felt there was no going back and honestly, my pussy twitched a little in excitement. I gave him my apartment address and told him that I’ll text him when my bf leaves for fishing, probably around 6:30am, which will give us like a 2 hour window.

In the morning, my bf came to kiss me goodbye in bed. Before the door even closed behind him, I texted Daniel to come on over. I barely had time to brush my teeth when there was a knock on the door. Turns out, it was Daniel, he apparently drove really early and waited outside until he was sure my boyfriend had left the parking lot. He even brought me some Starbucks.

I didn’t get a chance to drink it because he pushed me against the wall. We started an intense make out session. He picked me up, walked into my bedroom, and tossed me on the bed. As he pulled off his clothes, I stared hungrily at him until I kind of snapped out of it. The second thoughts came back in mind and I weakly said, “Wait… I can’t, I mean my bf and I sleep on this bed.”

All Daniel said was, “So?” before he buried his head under my nightgown. I felt his tongue lap at my clit and I gave out such a loud moan. He ate me out until I’m shaking, then climbed on top of me. Next thing I knew, he’s got the head of his cock inside me. I arched my back so hard at being stretched aside. He braced me and gives one more mighty push until he slapped against me.

I held onto his shoulders for dear life as he railed me with his entire cock. I honestly don’t know what happened, but I screamed so loud as I orgasmed on his cock. I think he caressed my face as I came down from my thighs. When my eyes finally focused on him, he just laughed and said, “Does that Latina/Asian pussy need more TLC?”

All I managed was a weak nod. He flipped me onto my belly and proneboned me. He was real sensual this time so that I could feel every stretch. I really started to get into it again when he said, “Fuck, I need to cum.” I don’t know, maybe I was just too turned on, but I blurted out something like, “Yeah fill me up daddy.” And that’s exactly what he did!

After we both calmed down, I was really having second thoughts now because his cum was leaking out of me, but I had such a good time. We chatted and cuddled, got to know each other a little more. We eventually started making out again, he gets hard and… well, it was too late to say no. I rode him for a bit, even finally took my nightgown off, but that’s just not my favorite honestly. Thankfully he caught on, flipped us over, and fucked me with my legs on his shoulders. It took a little longer until I came again on his cock. He kept going, didn’t even ask this time, and came inside me again.

After he left, I showered and chilled. When my bf got back home, he asks, “Oh wow, you went to Starbucks today?” There was that feeling of like a hammer hitting me. I simply smiled and said, “Yes baby.” He shrugged and goes, “Well, at least one of us got something.”

NSFW: yes


  1. GeorgiaGeneal

    Every time I feel extreme guilt for cheating on my bf, but then I remember how good it feels to be filled up by a bigger cock.

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