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My mom works as a bartender at a strip club. She’s busty and dyes her hair blond so she can make good tips.

Of course a lot of the customers hit on her and offer her money to sleep with them. She often takes a man she likes for that night home and makes some extra cash.

She’s a single mother and every little bit really helps with helping me get through school. I also really got into wearing stylish clothes and using make-up, which is all very expensive.

Last year before my 19th bday, I got the crazy idea that mom was gonna get me a car as a birthday gift, which was really beyond her means even with the extra “tips” that she was earning.

Mom discussed the idea with some of the staff and her regular customers, and they suggested selling my virginity (they somehow wondered I was a virgin).

Mom was not really keen on their idea, but I was desperate to get my own car. So when mom discussed it with me, I was totally up for it.

Although it should not really have surprised mom, that I was not actually sexually inexperienced. She’s seen guys come and go, and even heard my loud moans coming from my room. (I get really loud during sex).

I also had the idea that I could strip at the club as a way to earn gas money and pay for my car insurance. Not the ideal career path that mom would have chosen for me. But with working at the club herself and bringing clients home, she could not impose higher standards on me.

So once the idea was planted in my mind, there was no stopping the plan to raise money for a car. But to be honest to the potential donors, we did reveal my sexual experience to them so they would not be disappointed.

We decided to hold an invitation-only event at the club, after it closed at 4 am in the morning of my 19th birthday. This was also not to draw the attention of sketchy clients and potentially jealous strippers.

In addition, since mom did not want things to get out of control and for me to be overwhelmed, she decided to join me. Besides, we invited her regulars so she trusted them. She also got me on the pill beforehand as she didn’t want me to become a single mother like her.

We appropriately got dressed up for the party. Mom dressed in her sluttiest black see-thru lingerie. Playing up the part of a virgin, I dressed in hello-kitty flannel pajamas, tied my hair in pigtails with a pink ribbon, and even used a pacifier in my mouth.

We both got on stage and began to dance. Mom took off her lacey bra first and then I removed my flannel t-shirt. Of course I was braless and my big tits got a lot of hoots and hollering from the guys. They began to shower the stage with cash, mostly 20s.

Then getting lost in the moment, I pulled off my PJ bottoms (with no panties), lifted my leg on the dancer pole and began to finger myself for the guys. My pussy was already wet and my cum began to dribble down my leg.

The audience went wild and guys started begging to lick my pussy and shoving each other out the way to get a better view. At this time mom become concerned for my safety and did the first thing that she could think of to rescue me. Mom knelt down before me and began to eat out my pussy herself.

Neither of us had ever done anything like this with each other before, but she could tell I really was into it. I placed my hand on the back of her head to guide her into my clit, and she could taste my saltiness and got aroused herself.

I then took my leg off the dancer pole, as mom gently lowered me with my back lying on the stage. The strange thing that happened was that the guys got calm and all quieted down watching this unexpected show.

Mom kept licking my clit and as it got harder, she started to nibble and suck on it with her lips covering her teeth, just like sucking a cock. My moaning and thrashing about uncontrollably got mom really aroused too.

Mom needed her own satisfaction, so she lifted herself and removed her panties. Then she spread my legs and inserted her legs in between mine, and without a spoken word mother and daughter began to naturally scissor each other.

I could feel Mom’s wetness building, as I am sure she could feel mine. My own moaning was added to hers, and we began to buck each other like we were riding horses. In this position we could also french kiss and suck on each other’s nipples.

NSFW: yes


  1. ResistFluid1743

    I found it strangely arousing to be fucking and sucking an older version of myself.

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