19F Luring my step dad


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I (19F) remember last year when my step dad would send my mom to the store while me and him stayed home. I loved it. I’d tease him and lure him in while I took a bath. Calling him “daddy “ “daddy” come quick. He would run in and see me naked. I’d tell him “it was spider I’m scared.” Just to jump on him and rub against him naked.

Once I jumped on him wrapping my legs around him. He grabbed a handful full of my naked pussy. I stared thrusting. He just put me down. Then asking “where is the spider”? So I bent over in front of the toilet and said “I think it went under there” so he can see my asshole spread open. I looked over my shoulder to see if he was looking. And he was! My pussy just throbbing, dripping juicy supple nectar. I say “come look” he steps closer and I fall back on him. I feel his penis. And it’s hard. So I keep rubbing and he doesn’t make me stop.

His head falls back. Eyes rolling. Biting his lip. Body shaking. And whispers “you naughty girl”. And I smile. Opening my mouth as he unzips his pants. As he asks “are you curious”? I say “yes daddy”. He spits in my mouth, slaps me, and says “that’s a good little bitch” I moan. He slips his long thick cock in my mouth. In and out, in and out, in and out. As my juices are dripping down my thighs and onto the bathroom floor leaving a puddle. I got excited because, previous times he would only fuck my mouth and stop every time before we went any further. He just wouldn’t let me have my way.

But this time, I wanted to sit on his dick, and I finally got my wish! Step dad fucked me on the bathroom floor, licked my pussy, we 69’d, and he fucked me doggy style in the shower until we finished each other off multiple times, I let out the loudest moans and screams of my life before I swallowed his entire load like usual.

NSFW: yes


  1. ResistFluid1743

    Step dad really loved having my 18 year old pussy around before I went off to college, I really miss our fun times in the bathroom!

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