19F Helped my virgin friend blow the biggest load ever


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I was home alone all week and made the most of it! I wanted to talk about my adventures on Tuesday! I invited my Virgin friend. He is 21 and very shy. He’s very attractive, but he has it difficult to date girls just because he’s shy. Well, I like virgin boys, so their loss and my gain lol. I’ve known him for about 10 years and as of Tuesday nothing has happened in years!
I invited him to watch his Netflix and sleepover. Relaxing in my pajamas, watching the euphoria, I sipped wine and drank bonlips. For those of you who don’t know, Euphoria has a lot of hot sex scenes. I was pretty excited to see it and turned to him. I looked over his crotch and noticed that his cock was sneaking out of his pajama slit and rock solid, I think he didn’t notice it maybe because it was too high lol. I figured he was about to do something, so I approached him, snuggled up to him, and started stroking him gently as we watched.The pitch went up for about a minute, but then started to go with the flow. I licked my fingers wet from time to time and continued to play with him until the end of the episode.
I could see that he wanted more, so I suggested I help him finish by hitting some more bon hits. We all took off our clothes! I wanted him to never forget the first fellatio. I grabbed the cock ring of the dresser and pushed it down. Cock rings are really great! Helps create and maintain pressure while controlling orgasms. Perfect for long edging sessions with guys. He was really submissive so I pretty much took control and just let him sit back and enjoy himself. I licked his shaft, licked his balls, stuck the tip of his thumb into his ass, and pretty much everything. Every time he was about to cum, I would stop him, wait a minute for him to calm down, and then begin over.
The whole thing must have taken an hour. I finally decided the time had come, so I took off the cock ring and got down on him one last time. I’m sure all the years of patience must have seriously built this poor boy up. His orgasms seemed to last much longer than I’m used to. I kept sucking until it was soft!
Overall I loved the whole experience and if you don’t realize it, I’m a bit of a virgin lol. It’s fun to be someone’s number one. I hope I did well so he will remember it forever!  

NSFW: yes

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