19F First time cheating turned into an addiction


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Throughout our relationship, I (19F) have never once wondered about cheating on my bf (24M). Not until I found out he’d had sex with another slut, a week after we started dating.

Furious, feeling betrayed and hurt all at the same time I was gonna confront him when he got home from work. I knew for definite what I’d been told was true, so in a totally off the cuff reaction from me, when we got a delivery by an older (early 30’s) mixed race guy the same day, I asked him if he had time to fuck a lonely slut.

There was no emotion, other than sexual release, involved from the moment I sucked on his large penis, to the point when he came up my asshole as I leaned over the arm of our sofa.

He stayed for forty five minutes and in that time, we sixty nine’d, I had him fuck my pussy and ass in lots of positions and even after he’d cum deep inside my asshole, I licked and sucked his cock clean before we swapped phone numbers.

All my anger had gone as I sat alone thinking of what I’d just done. And I had to admit to myself the sex was amazing. My new lover being far better than my bf had ever fucked me.

Even so over the next two weeks I didn’t call or message the delivery driver. But what I did do, was encourage an older man in his 40s who had been flirting with me at the gym I attend three days a week.

We had sex in his car overlooking our town at a place he knew. Again the sex was wonderful and I found myself being prepared to do practically anything. So much so when he suggested we fuck across his car’s hood naked, I did so without hesitation.

Taking his naked cock in my pussy as the lights began to twinkle below us in town, will stay with me forever. As will the enormous orgasm that ripped through me when I felt his cum gush into my vagina.

It’s been five months since I discovered my bf cheated on me. It’s been confirmed also by the slut that he slept with. She’s bragged about sleeping with my bf to lots of people, and I know for certain my bf knows she’s putting her side of things around where we live.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before it all comes out, but then I’ll have my own confessions to make as well.
And I haven’t just had sex with the older man once. We’ve gone on to have sex two or three times a week and it just gets better and better!

NSFW: yes

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  1. GeorgiaGeneal

    A breakup seems inevitable, yet if my bf can handle it, I’d consider an open relationship from now on.

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