19F Cheating with my bf’s bully


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I (19F) have to get something off of my chest. During my freshman year in school there was this thing that happened.

My bf at the time had this bully. Tyson was a major asshole to my bf and would do everything from bully to even hitting him.

There was this science class I had with him, and one day during a group project I end up being partnered with him. Turns out he actually paid that teacher $20 to do so.

While at his house trying to work I end up confronting him about what a jerk he is and he makes a deal with me. he wanted to just have a little make out session in return of Tyson leaving my bf alone.

Oh gosh did we kiss and I ended up feeling his dick. It was enormous and easily was twice if not three times the size of my bf’s. We had sex in his room for what felt like for ever. After an hour he picked me up and took me into the hallway and fucked me against the walls.

We ended up in the living room where we fucked all over the couch and floor. He even had me ride on top of him and wow was that amazing, the feeling of his gigantic dick splitting me until he blew a gigantic load inside my pussy. I would never let my bf fuck me without a condom on, much less cum inside me, but Tyson’s gigantic cock and alpha behavior made it easy for me to let him do what he wants with me.

I woke up the next morning by him and he had such a enormous piece of morning wood. He encouraged me to suck him off which caused him to push it into me again. My mind was just blank and I kept orgasming over and over. After that we took a shower and went at it some more which just took us back to his bed where he went at me like an animal while giving me hickeys.

NSFW: yes

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  1. GeorgiaGeneal

    My bf asked me what the hickeys were from and I told him my science project involved lots of rough play lol

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