[19,F] any dirty sex ideas? – Short Sex Story

me [19,f] and my fuck buddy [19,m] are looking for some super dirty and kinky sex ideas. We’re really into exhibitionism, light bondage, sadomasochism etc. I’m looking for some rewards/punishments he can give me based on how well I submit, like I wanna do the DIRTIEST OF THE DIRTIEST (excluding scat). Some ideas I’ve liked and been inspired by are deep throat dildo training, sex toys, butt plugs, him jerking off into my underwear and making me wear it all day, me drinking his cum/cum play and I really like little complicated sexual games/challenges I can do for him. Last night we went to a club and he took my underwear off me and I used a vibrator in the crowd.

So anything along those lines that anyones tried out and can reccomend? Or simply any ideas for some dirty top/bottom stuff we can get up to 😉 lemme know in the comments

NSFW: yes

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