19F Anal in an empty lot

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I (19F) decided to go with a friend to the last weekend party before summer break in school. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything to happen so I didn’t shave or wear my most sexy panties.

But at the party I met a guy (22M). Good looking with a pretty decent body it looked like. We talked for about an hour before we headed outside to discover a quiet place to talk and hang out.

While talking his dick ended up in my mouth. It was bound to happen lol. But it was a nice one a bit on the thick side. And he was shaved! Knowing my pussy had stubble I kinda just wanted to give him a bj but I was so wet and horny.

My jeans came off and I instantly remembered that I wore some very basic bikini panties that weren’t sexy! I right away told him I wasn’t expecting to have sex so I didn’t wear a thong or shave. He just smiled and said “your panties are sexy to me.”

He began eating my pussy. It felt amazing then his mouth and tongue slowly made its way to my butthole! He was eating my ass. My first experience of that and it felt amazing! As soon as his head came back he said “I want to fuck your ass.”

I was in shock! I was an anal virgin still and honestly was saving that virginity for marriage but in the moment I said fuck it. I reached in my bag I had and grabbed lube. I actually have lube in my bag lol.

He lubed both of us up.

So there I was getting my ass fucked in a grass lot where I was hoping no one would see us! It was a lot to handle at first but once my butthole was stretched and relaxed it felt amazing. I orgasmed pretty quick.

He finished in my butt and he slowly pulled out as his cum leaked onto my pussy lips and down my thighs. My butthole felt loose and wide open after his dick was out of it. I felt so naughty and good all at once.

I gave him a few wipes to clean up. I wiped myself off before putting my panties and jeans back on. Then we returned to the party.

3 hours later I was riding home with my friend and she asked where I disappeared to for a little bit. I told her I got my ass fucked in a grass lot behind a building. Her response was “you slut” lol. Then she said “I’ve never tried anal yet.”

NSFW: yes


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  1. ResistFluid1743

    After that experience, I get my ass fucked regularly by every guy that I hook up with!