18f my brother and his friends taught me how to obey on my bday (part 2)

After taking some time to catch my breath my brother and his friends put me on my knees in front of the couch. My brother is tall so I felt consumed by him as I kneeled in front of him between his legs. “Reach your arms out wide”, my brother said, “give my friends a handjob while I take control of your mouth”. I tried to do as he said, but my arms were too short to reach them, so they had to move closer, but when they did and I felt their hard cocks filling my hands I immediately got wet again. I jacked both of them off slowly as I looked up into my brothers eyes, then started moving faster as my brother guided my head towards his cock. I could feel that Blake and Kyle had big cocks from what I know at least, but they still couldn’t compare to my brothers 7.5” cock in front of me. I was nervous about how hard he would test me in front of his friends, but I wanted to please him no matter what.

I licked the tip first and tasted a bit of precum resting on top. Then he guided me down to his balls and had me suck on them while his cock rested on my face. I could hear Blake and Kyle moaning softly on both sides of me and I made sure to focus enough to continue jacking them off, but I was more focused on making my brother proud. He gripped my hair and guided me back to the tip of his cock and told me to open. I shivered going into the moment and opened my mouth wide to take his cock into my mouth. He was pulsing in my mouth immediately as he controlled my head movements and slowly had me go deeper towards my throat. I have a pretty bad gag reflex, but I was determined to take him into my throat if he pushed me that deep. He started making me bob my head faster and faster on the first few inches of his cock, which made me drool all over. “Now breathe through your nose and let me have control” he said as he slowed me down and started pushing me deeper. I moaned with approval and focused on breathing as I felt his thick cock push past my tonsils and into my throat. I gagged for just a second and then regained composure, closing my eyes and accepting him pushing me to the base of his cock. It felt like I could feel it in my chest, but I stayed in place as I felt him begin pulsing more. I started breathing heavier and it got harder to not choke but I held my place as he shot his cum immediately into my throat. I choked hard but he held me there for a few more seconds before he released me and I laid on the ground in a pool of my saliva and the cum that dripped out of my mouth. “You did good” he said softly as I took deep breaths and finally looked up to notice them all watching my exposed body on the floor in front of them. It felt amazing to be seen as a sex object, and I couldn’t wait to do it again. Little did I know, it would be sooner than expected. “You’re not quite done yet Piper” my brother said as I sat up. “They came all the way over for you and I want you to show them it was worth it. Take them to your room and be good”. They led me up the stairs towards my room, and even though I was tired and scared I felt a rush of adrenaline as I waved bye to my brother and smiled at him while his friends led me towards the last step on my birthday adventure.

Hey! I hope you enjoyed 🙂 check out part 1 on my account and part 3 will be out to finish the story soon!

NSFW: yes

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