18 years ago me (m20) fucked my sister (f24) for 2 years.

Ive been sharing some of my sexventures with yall. Ive had a varied sex life for sure. Im 38 now married with kids but my 20’s were a wild ride.

So im gonna give the details before the actual deed.

Im 6’4 brown light bown skin, brown eyes. In my 20s i had a swimmers body. My dick is 6.5 inches and about the medium size red bull can thick.

My sister was/is 5’11 light brown skin, brown eyes with a softball player body. Like thick muscular. Her tits are large like personal watermelon size, they are shapely very little sag but squishy. Her nipples are like those ones they call ghost nipples. They are perfect tits in my opionon. She has a bubble but and thick thighs. Most guys rate her a 9/10.

Anyhow my mom is a single mom. I lived still at home with her until i was 22. At the time me, my mom and 2 younger sisters lived there. One 2 years younger other 4 years younger. My older sister had moved out and had a good job.

We are a close family we often got together for dinner or BBQs etc… Me and my older sister have the same dad, youngers had different dad. Me and my older sister ill call her shelly were pretty close our whole lives, alot in common and all.

One small side story i have to tell for this to make sense. When i was 18, shelly lived with us still and i went in her room to borrow some dvds and she was laying in bed unknown to me naked but covered. I got the dvds and as i was leaving i asked for the lighter next to her bed and she rolled to grab it and her left tit popped out for like 2 seconds and it seared into my mind because her breasts are perfect.

Now on to the main attraction.

I remember this day very vividly. It was raining really hard out. I love the rain and listening to it fall. I had a massive window in my room with 3 panes. The left and right opened. I had them open and was sitting in between both smoking a joint listening to the rain. Everyone in the house was gone. My younger sisters were at their dads. Mom was working until 6ish. It was like 1pm when i started smoking.

Around 2 i hear shelly enter the house. She called out and i responded. She walked back into my room. She was wearing tight jeans and a pink spaghetti strap shirt. Her boobs were glistening because they got rained on just a little from car to house walk. She asked wtf i was doing. I told her smoking,listening and chillin. She said im a weirdo but proceeded to sit next to me and smoke my weed lol. She was coming over to have dinner but didn’t know mom worked til 6. She usually got home at 4.

After we smoke we drank a little. Jack and coke. We had a mini bar outside by the pool. So we are both getting pretty buzzed. The window had been open awhile and like most ladies she started getting cold. So i gave her my blanket my grandma sent me for my bday.

The blanket is key to how this started. So my grandma hand made me this blanket that looked like those square pretzels that have grids. It was real heavy and big. So it also breathed well cause the grid pattern but was still warm. Basically the perfect blanket, i instantly fell in love with it.

Anyhow i gave it to her to use. So after about a hour of her using it and small talk she realizes how much she likes this blanket as well. At some point she sits up and says i want this blanket. I told her no freaking way. She kept bugging me and offering me things for it. I told her to drop it i love the blanket. She scooted closer and said please whatever you want.

Now maybe the way she said it but it sounded sexual even though i dont think it was. It got me remembering the time i saw one of her boobs. I got the idea to ask to see both her boobs for the blanket. Being a tit man i never stopped thinking about it. I also didn’t think she would do it and we could move on cause honestly i loved the blanket.

So i say back fine you really really want it then show me your breasts. She looks at me shocked as shit then starts laughing like a hyena. I was like ya you heard me i wanna see those big ol tatas. Yes i said that. She regained herself and got more serious. Now remember we are pretty trashed. She says ok so you get to play with my boobs and i get the blanket. Now I caught she said play with i said see them. I wondered well we will see where that goes and i said yep you in or out? She says fine deal its just boobs. I literally cant believe she said yes i spring up and scoot next to her we are both sitting on the edge of the bed facing each other. One leg on the floor other bent laying flat on the bed our knees touching.

She says how long? I say i dont care. She shrugs and takes her pink shirt off. She was wearing a matching pink bra nothing fancy. She reached back unclipped it. She pulled the straps down off her shoulder and the bra stayed on her tits. She said you want to do to the honors. I reached up with my right hand started around her neck and rubbed down til i pushed her bra off. I was honestly in awe at first. They were best tits id ever seen.

I reached up with both hands and gently cupped them. I massaged her big breasts until i couldn’t take it anymore. I leaned over and started kissing and sucking on her nipples. I love her nipples i have many hours of sucking them. Anyhow i dont know how long i was worshipping her tits, but at somepoint she says hold on. She layed down on the bed and said go ahead. I started sucking on them again. Im so hard it hurts. I realized she had started rubbing herself. I stopped sucking her nipples and looked at her. She had her hand down her pants and was rubbing her pussy.

I looked at her and she said what did you think would happen if you keep sucking on my nipples. I got horny. I decided whatever i just wanted to keep playing with her tits. So i begin sucking again and she keeps rubbing her pussy. I can hear her breathing now. She is getting more and more into it. Time has no relevance at this point im high,drunk and horny. Eventually she says dont let this get weird but i want some dick. Im in autopilot mode at this point, she was saying something else after i legit dont remember what she said all i remember is as soon as she said i want some dick i stood right up and started taking my pants off.

Im standing there with my dick out rock hard. She sits up and grabs my cock and starts jerking me off. I put my hand on her head and gently pushed it towards my dick. She knew what i wanted and started sucking it. She was sucking on the head while jerking me off with her one hand. With the other she took her pants off and underwear off. At some point she laid back and split her legs open and started rubbing her clit.

I moved over her on the bed and put the tip against her vagina. We were staring at each other. I wasnt sure if inshould go in, but she grabbed my ass and pushed me in. She was so tight, wet and warm. Her vagina sucked my cock in and squuezed it hard but gently. I started pumping her tip to balls. In and out. She leaned up and started sucking on my nipples. Ive never had that before. It felt pretty amazing. What seemed like out of nowhere she pushed my chest back some laid back and started rubbing her clit. She moaned im gonna orgasm. When she does she breathes loud in a machine gun like formation. Like ahhh ah ahhh ah ahhh ah.

It wasnt long until after i was ready to blow. I pulled out and blew all over her stomach. She started rubbing it all over her tits. I sat there staring at her nude glistening body. She sat up and stroked my dick and little more and said im gonna shower now. She got up and showered. I followed.

We hung for a little longer after not talking about it until my mom showed up with dinner. We are and eventually shelly took off to her place.

Ill continue the story if there is enough upvotes.

NSFW: yes

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