[18+] [F27/M32] [drunken sex] [affair] Married man next door <3 – Short Sex Story

All characters are 18+. I hope you enjoy it!

The sound of the alarm awakened her from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes greeting the warm summer sun shining through her bedroom window.
“Time for work already?” she sighed as she silenced the alarm on her phone. She slid her soft pink sheets off revealing her naked body. She at all times enjoyed sleeping in the nude, the feeling of the sheets on her bare skin. She walked towards the bathroom passing the window, glancing outside to see what the day had in store for her. The sun rising and the clouds are fluffily rising to the heavens. Suddenly she noticed her neighbor Jon walking his trash can down to the curb as he looked up at her in the window and smiled. Embarrassed she ran to her bathroom trying to hide from his gaze. “No, no, no,” she said aloud as she washed her face, ” How am I going to be able to face him now?” She wondered. She at all times ran into him and his wife every morning as she got in her car to leave for work. She brushed her long blonde hair and finished putting on her make-up, doing her usual cat-eye eyeliner and pink lip balm. She looked down to grab her phone,” Fuck I’m late!” she yelled as she ran to her dresser opening her top drawer. She grabbed a pink lace thong and matching pink lace bra laying them on her bed and ran to her closet grabbing her white collared button-down shirt and pink pencil skirt. She slid on her panties over her large buttocks and then clasped her bra making sure her large breasts looked great. She buttoned up her white shirt and slid her pink skirt up her legs and over her buttocks her skirt hugging every curve. Grabbing her favorite pair of heels and keys as she ran out the door. She quickly unlocked her car, sliding into her leather seats. Jon waved as she backed out of the driveway, she quickly waved and looked away embarrassed. She could see Jon smiling in her revue mirror.

Minutes seemed like hours as her work day dragged on as she looked down at her phone. “Finally,” she wondered as she saw the time. She clocked out and headed out to her car, the day was long and her boss wanted her to complete her project by the end of the week. “I need a drink,” she murmured to herself as she headed to the local bar. Finally, Friday and time for her typical bar night to just relax. She never really cared to go to bars by herself, guys at all times offered to buy her drinks and she would at all times flirt with them, she at all times loved the attention. AS she walked through the door, “Hey Alex!” the bartender yelled, ” want the normal?” he said laughing. “Is it written on my face how rough today was?” she laughed,” yeah give me two shots of vodka, it’s been a long week.” Thomas was her favorite bartender she knew she could at all times count on him to keep the creeps away and talk about her problems. “So what’s up?” he asked as he handed her shot glass. She put the cool glass up to her lips and leaned her head back downing it. She could feel the burn all way down her throat into her chest and stomach. “You will not believe the day I’ve had,” she said as she set the glass down back on the bar. ” Well my day started with my married neighbor seeing me naked as he was taking his trash down this morning,” she said as she downed her next shot. “Lucky bastard!” he grumbled as he filled up her next shot. “Yeah, he had this big smile on his face, and then when I left for work he smiled and waved at me.” She downed the next shot feeling a warmth radiating all over her body. “I bet he did,” he laughed, ” doesn’t surprise me though have you seen yourself,” he said taking her glass. “Yeah but he’s married!” she exclaimed. ” What does that matter? Most men have affairs,” he laughed,” plus he seems pretty interested.” She could feel the alcohol hitting, her mind feeling fuzzy. “Maybe I should flirt with him and see what happens,” she laughed as she laid some cash on the bar. ” Thanks, Thomas!” she said getting up from her seat and moving towards the door. She looked at her phone, “9 pm already?” she wondered to herself as she got ready to call an Uber. She sat on the bench outside the bar as a cold breeze sent a chill throughout her whole body. “Finally,” she whispered as her uber arrived.

“Thanks for the ride,” she said as she exited the car at her house stumbling. “Alex, you okay?” she heard a familiar voice coming toward her. “Yes, thank you,” she said stumbling and almost falling. “Here grab onto me,” Jon reached for her arms. “These stupid heels,” she said stopping to take them off almost falling over. “Whoa Alex,” he laughed catching her. She could feel his strong hands grabbing her waist, ” Wow your hands are big,” she said surprised. He laughed, “Come on,” leading her to the front door. She grabbed the keys from her purse trying to get them into the lock. “Damn it!” she exclaimed missing the lock. “Here,” he said grabbing the keys and unlocking the door. Jon helped her up the step of the front door closing it behind them. She threw her heels on the floor in the entryway and let her purse hit the floor almost falling while doing so. He grabbed her waist,” Do you need help up the stairs?” he said laughing. “Yes please,” she whispered embarrassedly. He lifted her in the air onto his shoulders her breasts resting on his shoulders. He laughed as he carried her up the stairs. “Rough week?” he joked.
“Yes!” she exclaimed. “I can tell,” he chuckled setting her down on the floor. He brushed back the hair from her face. She stared into his big blue eyes, “God your cute,” she said as she looked him up and down. His long brown hair tied up in a bun and his scruffy beard. He had full sleeve tattoos on both arms and had a strong create. “You are not bad yourself,” he winked. “God it’s hot in here,” she whispered as she tried to unbutton her shirt. “Can you help me?” she whispered embarrassedly. He grabbed her shirt slowly unbuttoning each button on her shirt revealing her pink lacey bra, he slid her shirt down her arms letting it fall to the floor. “I’m so tired,” she said walking towards the bed. She slid her skirt down her legs stepping out of it. She looked back at him, he was watching every movement she was making. He smiled moving towards her moving her long blonde hair from her back. She could feel his hands gently unhooking her bra letting it fall to the floor. She turned around to face him, her large breasts uncovered. ” God you’re beautiful,” he whispered looking into her large green doe eyes. He caressed her cheek and leaned in and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as he picked her up and laid her on the bed. He began kissing her and running his hands down her body, every touch making her hotter and hotter. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter the more he touched and kissed her body. She could feel his hard cock on her thigh as he knelt over her. He sat up and removed his shirt revealing his muscular body covered in tattoos. He knelt back down kissing her neck and tracing her nipple with his finger. She let out a small moan, his touch made her so hot. Every little touch sent electricity through her whole body. He moved his hand down to her lace panties tracing over her throbbing clit as he kissed her neck. She then felt him sliding her panties down her legs, her pretty shaven pussy showing. He threw her panties over his shoulder and started gently rubbing her clit. She could feel him tracing circles over her clit, the sensation driving her wild. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter with his touch making him even more excited. Her mind was going blank with pleasure as started pulling her nipples gently then harder and harder. He then moved his hands to his shorts removing them and revealing his large hard cock. He lifted her legs and traced her clit with his tip, teasing her. She wanted to feel him inside her, she wanted to be filled with his cock. He slowly slid the tip into her needy hole, teasing her over and over. She gasped in delight as he pulled his cock in and out, finally slowly filling her wet pussy with all of
his large cock. She could feel every inch of him as he thrust slowly in and out. “Fuck, you feel so good,” he growled. He lifted her legs over his shoulder penetrating deeper into her. She moaned loudly as he thrust faster and faster her large breasts bouncing with each thrust. She could feel herself getting close, her mind going blank thinking of only the pleasure she was feeling. She tightened around his cock, “Oh fuck,” he moaned. He thrust deeper and harder, she could feel herself on the verge of climax. He put his hands on her shoulders pulling her closer going deeper and faster. She could feel the sensation starting all over her whole body as she went over the edge. She moaned loudly in pure bliss, she could feel her juices cover his gigantic cock. He thrust harder and harder. She could feel him tense up before letting out a loud moan as he slowly thrust into her filling her wet pussy. He rolled over to the side of her on the bed panting. She could feel his cum running down her thighs. He rolled over and brushed her hair away for her eyes and kissed her and held her close till she fell asleep.

The next morning she awoke to the sun beaming into her windows, her head throbbing. “What the fuck? What happened?” as she looked around the room. Her clothes scattered all over the floor, and she felt a stickiness on her thighs. She looked towards the nightstand for her phone, when she found a note.

” Alex,
Last night was great! I hope we can do this again sometime but let’s keep this a secret
Jon “

NSFW: yes

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