The lunch was amazing. The partners whom I submitted my surprise resignation to a couple of hours earlier, took me out to eat at the private Fort Worth Club a few blocks away. I was boarding a plane back to Paris on Sunday, so I ordered something totally regional, a chicken fried steak and all the necessary sides. I had never heard so many affirming and gracious sentiments directed my way in the few hours around the table and on my final walk back to the entrance to the parking garage as we parted methods. A sense of relief permeated the inside of the interior of the Acura MDX I had borrowed from my older sister I was staying with for my stop over in Ft. Worth. I took a deep breath and sighed. It felt like there was a new and empty space in my chest and mind. It was all done. With the ignition and hum of the fine tuned motor under the hood, it was literally my new begin. I was also aware of the smell of this new SUV and the incredible handling and ride as I drove back to my sister’s house. After a debriefing with my sister and brother-in-law on my resignation, I retired to the guest room to answer an incredible but gorgeous feeling of sleep that was descending on me. When I awoke a couple of hours later, I found myself wanting to take another drive. I offered to treat my hosts for some Tex-Mex takeout, and volunteered to go pick it up. I wanted to drive that car again. The light of the day was setting as I parked the SUV in the “to go” parking space. I entered my information in the restaurant’s app, noting I had arrived and was in space #4. Within minutes a brunette woman who seemed to be in her thirties came into view from the establishments outside lighting carrying two large take out bags. She was wearing dark black leggings and a long sleeve baseball jersey like top, with a v-neck and buttons up the front. Her ample breasts beneath the jersey soon caught my eye. I lowered the window. “Where shall I put your order sir? Front seat? Back seat?” I looked at her name badge, she wasn’t a regular employee, she was the restaurant manager. She walked around to the other side and opened the front passenger door. “On the floor sir?” she looked up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes. Her cleavage was in full view as the interior lights spotlighted her as she bent forward into the car to place the bags down. I was immediately aroused. She caught my eyes looking at her and then looked up and connected with mine. She wasn’t phased or blushed, but smiled and reached to hand me my receipt. Her hand deliberately passed mine as she rested the receipt directly on my hardness through my pants, and she held it there against me. She got into the passenger seat and closed the door behind her. “My name is Vivian,” she quietly said, as the lights shut off. She unbuckled my belt, unlatched my pants and pulled my zipper down in what felt like a blurred moment. I felt her take my hard cock into the warmth of her mouth as she immediately began to stroke me. I reached underneath the front of her and grabbed her breast with my right hand, feeling her hardened nipples through the jersey fabric. My left hand was on her head as I felt the softness of her hair. I was at my precipice fast as I arched my back and held her head in place as I my surge overwhelmed me and I began shooting streams of my cum into her mouth. My spasms were strong, but she stayed fixed as her lips closed tight around my shaft. When the last of my release subsided, she remained connected as I felt her throat muscles swallow. With that, she got back up and handed me some paper napkins from the bags as she sat back in the passenger seat and sighed. She pulled the visor down and fixed her hair and make-up in the vanity mirror. As she opened the door to leave, she turned and smiled at me and with a wink said, “Welcome to us, Jett. Welcome to us.” She shut the car door and as I looked down to clean the head of my cock with the napkin and then looked back up, she had disappeared, only the sight of the restaurant’s side door closing, framed in the lighting of the building’s fixtures.

NSFW: yes

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