✨Cottage with cousin (F19)✨

It happened during summer 2022, when I went to visit my cousin to different city. We live about 4 hours by car aside from eachother so we didn’t see eachother often but we were like best friends everytime I came to visit her. We also went to many trips together like church,camping and cottage. It all happened on summer 2022 when we went on a 5-day trip to a big cottage we rented with her mom and my grandparents. So as usual we came normally around 4:00 PM and decided to unpack all of our lugagges and get everything on its place. We got upper room where I slept on double bed ,she slept at solo bed and next to her slept her mom on solo bed too but facing other direction.I helped to carry packages the most since I am a pretty strong masculine man (M18). About 5:00 PM we decided with cousin to go look after the animals that were there ,which was great since I all the time admired animals because of their pure honesty in heart. We started to chat with my cousin about college,friend how is everything going with the music(she is a musician) and so on and so on as the time past. We also love humour everytime we are together we laugh at almost everything, she likes my type of humour and I like when I make her burst out laughing her ass off. Days went like this and on a 4th day something happened she said we are like best friends now and that she is comfortable of telling me everything she has on her heart. I don’t know how but suddenly a topic about sex came up,which really surprised me since I all the time wondered she was so innocent and this was taboo in her family. She started telling me like she would prefer it slow (even though she is still virgin like me) and how her best friend which I had crushed on for some time likes it really hard since her bff wasn’t a virgin anymore. I suddenly couldn’t believe it ,I am talking about sex (which is also taboo in my family)with my cousin! The talk went on and
suddenly she showed me a picture of her and a boy who had his hand inside her panties on toilets in some restaurant,however she told me that she didn’t like it since the boy had no clue how to finger a girl properly so she stopped him. She also said to me she used to masturbate but she just didn’t have time for it now. Then she asked me if I masturbate?,to which I replied ,,no”, trying to look innocent to which she imediatelly replied if ,,I don’t get a boner at morning?” I again replied with simple ,,no” which obviously was a lie.Then she smiled and said ok :).

,,To be continued in the next part!” 😉

NSFW: yes

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