You have 24 hours and I can’t say no.. What are we doing?

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NSFW: yes

You have 24 hours and I can’t say no.. What are we doing?



  1. dblnot00

    Spending a day in a hotel room pushing each others sexual boundaries to bring us pleasures we have never felt before.

  2. Dramatic-Cabinet2283

    Everything….I’m eating you out, licking your asshole, we’re 69ing…I’m cumming in your mouth and you’re swallowing every drop! Then we’re fucking…pussy and asshole! Lots of creampies, lots of orgasms for you…some ass to mouth and cock cleaning with your tongue after every deep creampie I give you ??

  3. rise-to-the-occasion

    Let’s be real here, 24 hours and you can’t say no? You’re gonna be walking like John Wayne, both holes gaping and an aching jaw

  4. Separate_Suspect675

    I’m licking and sucking pretty much all of your sexy body and I’m fucking you in all of your holes. You decide where I cum. ?

  5. BlackberryInternal20

    Finding out how many times you can squirt and just how much cum I can leave in you. That’s just the first hr ??

  6. GaryCarves

    We clean my bathroom, I eat your pussy. We take a bath and I order pizza. I massage you and get a blowjob. We take a nap and watch Netflix (your choice) for 2 hours. We do my dishes/vacuum, then cuddle together with my cats for the rest of the day. I order UberEats.

  7. SnooBeans5838

    Watching star wars!!!! While me and my friends pass you around like a party favor. 😉

  8. Thismonday

    Mostly yard work. In 24 hours you could get so much done. My yard would be looking nice probably best on my street.