Do you stare more at my butt or feet?


  1. 38shizo

    Hello Sunshine. 🌞  I had no idea that lips could be so overwhelmingly attractive. At the same time, they radiate a plump but also gentle and, above all, well-groomed image, followed by no run-of-the-mill shape but clearly separated from the interchangeable mass without unique features. Deiveloping sex appeal with just your lips is a talent. you honestly have unsurpassable well-groomed soft firm skin. Your incorrigible, perfectly shaped, exemplary perfect bust size in terms of size actually belongs in a museum. I imagine locking your bust size in my hands and embracing your breasts like walls that come closer and finding out how much pressure you can take.🙇🏼 You don’t find that in an everyday face, but only in a human miracle that pulls past the average.

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