Zimi the killer : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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«I live in the city of New Jersey, my name is Zimi, you can just call me a killer. Did you know that anyone can go crazy? I loved my little sister, Claire, so much, and I can’t imagine that she’s gone. You just don’t know how much I want to see her, but it’s not going to happen. I am an ordinary girl of 25 years old, I was very modest, calm and silent, I was like that at the university. Somehow it is not customary to communicate with bad people, for me the best person was Claire. I temporarily lived with my parents, since I did not have housing and work, I helped them. I didn’t have any girlfriends, it was hard for me to find them, I didn’t have a boyfriend either. I tried to dress beautifully so that they paid attention to me and, of course, for the sake of self-respect. Most often, my long brown hair was tied in two low ponytails with blue and green strands. I was wearing a mid-length black dress with a white collar, over the dress I put on a blue hooded sweatshirt and stilettos on my feet. I hate this day so much…. I wish it didn’t happen, Claire made friends from her school with one guy. He was so handsome, his name was Jan. When I got home from the university, Claire introduced me to Ian….she told me that this boy was in her class and came up to her himself. I was very happy then that Claire had a boyfriend, now my sister will not be alone and will have someone to spend time with. Lately I’ve become very sad because I was alone and I had strange feelings, I myself did not understand what the feeling was. On the third day, Claire warned that she would be walking with Jan until the evening, and told me and my parents not to worry about her. I helped my mother around the house all day and did my homework, and when I was free from troubles, I drew. One evening my sister didn’t show up at home, even when night fell, she wasn’t there either. It was very late, my mother and I were very worried about Claire, and my father was looking for her. At one in the morning he called me and told me the bad news that I was in shock after that. The father said he found Claire unconscious in the woods and took her to the hospital. In the morning after yesterday, I couldn’t find a place for myself, I went home after school and walked past the school. When I heard Jan talking to his friend, I hid behind a tree and eavesdropped. The conversation was not pleasant …. I did not get into the conversation and went home visibly upset. My father was sitting in the kitchen crying, I asked him what happened, and he replied that the doctors called and said that Claire had died. I felt terrible, a lot of memories subsided and I realized what feeling was haunting me. A feeling of pain, I so wanted to offend someone, but I did not take it out on my relatives. I was just killing myself and could not believe that my sister was gone forever …. somehow strange that my mother was not around at that moment. I began to console my father with good thoughts. I couldn’t sit back, Claire began to seem to me even though she wasn’t around. I tore my hair out and wandered around the house, often looking back. I suffered and suffered. At night, I took Claire’s phone and found Jan’s number there, because he is to blame for everything. I heard this nasty conversation, he hit Claire with a big rock on the back of the head for one reason. I found on the Internet where that damned Yang lives! I hate him! … I took a knife, then put it on a hot radiator. I went to the bathroom when everyone was sleeping, and in front of the mirror I cut the left corner of my mouth down to my ear. It didn’t hurt very much… there was almost no pain, because the knife was hot. I brightened my face with cucumber juice to such an extent that my face became very white. For me it was very beautiful, now I’m not me. I couldn’t be myself when my beloved sister wasn’t around. I started stroking my face, I liked my new face. Without thinking twice, I took acid and a knife, then went to visit Jan. It is good that his parents were not at home, maybe they are at work or visiting someone. I knocked on the window, the guy looked out and saw me, looking at him, tears of despair rolled down, but I barely started to smile. With one strong blow, I broke the window, several fragments hit Jan in the face. The boy fell to his knees and clutched his face in pain. I climbed into the house through a broken window, then I attacked the guy with a knife, hit him anywhere. Yang was crying and screaming, but I couldn’t stop hitting again and again. When the guy stopped breathing, I gouged out his eyes and put them in his mouth. I doused the guy with acid …. and then wrote on his forehead with blood “You should have gone to school.” Claire will never come back, the guy skipped school to commit atrocities. I didn’t dare to go home, I went to a local abandoned factory, because I don’t need anyone else…»

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