You Are What You Eat : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Mike was alone at the far end of the playground. He was sat cross-legged underneath an oak tree, playing with a slug. The slug sat in the palm of his left hand as he prodded it with his right index finger. Taking delight in its slimy texture. His mouth began to salivate.

He licked his right index finger, and smiled. He proceeded to shove the whole thing into his mouth, and as he bit down juices dribbled down his chin. He swallowed it and let out a burp.

Mike was interrupted when he saw, Clive and his gang approaching…

“Look who it is. It’s Mute Mike!” Clive shouted, as he approached with his gang.

“Hey look! Mike’s been eating bugs again, look at his chin.” Clive said mockingly.

The boys sorrounding Mike all let out a loud roar of laughter.

Mike remained silent, as he always did. Talking to people made him uncomfortable. His mother was the only person he could talk to, and she had died two years prior. His father was an abusive alcoholic who took joy in hitting his son with the buckle end of the belt. 

“Was your piss head of a dad too drunk to make you a packed lunch?” One of the boys teased.

“Aww, is Mikey going to cry? Does Mikey want his dead mummy?” Clive said, in a tone as if he was talking to a baby.

Then the bell rang, and Clive and his gang walked away.

Mike waited for them to be out of sight before getting up and going to class.

At the end of the school day, Mike decided to take the shortcut home through the woods.

On his way home, something glowing caught his attention on the ground. Bright green light emanated from what appeared to be, a worm, a green glowing worm. Mike observed it with fascination. And then his mouth began watering, and his belly grumbled.

He picked the worm up, and sucked it into his mouth like spaghetti. Mike had eaten worms before, but none that tasted like this. Usually worms had an earthly taste. This one tasted metallic. Like he had sucked on a coin.

Thirty minutes later he was back home. Where his father was asleep with an empty bottle of whiskey resting on his lap.

Mike was beginning to feel nauseous, so he headed to bed.

He dreamt he was a giant canivourous worm, his father screamed upon seeing him, and Mike the worm lunged at him, and sucked the jelly from his eyeballs. And as his father’s body twitched on the floor, Mike had a realization. This wasn’t a dream. He was actually a worm. It was the glowing worm, he thought to himself. That worm has somehow mutated me.

And Mike felt good. Better than he had ever felt in his life.

Mike the worm wiggled over to the window and burst through. He had one particular goal in mind…

To pay Clive and his gang a little visit.

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