Xenograft – Short Horror Story

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My heart was failing, looking to cut my life short at any moment. And I was poor, in no condition to pay for the surgery I needed. A man I knew briefly back in middle school by the name of Charlie, reached out to me after he saw my social media posts about my condition. He had his own practice, and he offered to provide a revolutionary low-cost procedure for an old pal. The procedure would involve inserting and connecting a pig heart valve to replace my damaged valve.

Only problem was, I was never friends with Charlie. Chris, Kyle, Abby, and I used to bully him in school.

“Chubby Charlie, chubby Charlie. Oink Oink!”

We made his existence miserable, and it’s something I spent many years reflecting on as I grew older. How I was such an asshole, a despicable, cruel person to him. When he reached out to me thirty years later, I immediately apologized for our groups behavior when we were kids. He told me it was water under the bridge.

When he put me under, I dreamt of living a long, full life. I felt so appreciative of Charlie’s act of goodwill. Then I woke up. He brought a mirror to the bed.

My arms and legs were gone, amputated. Only stumps remained. Pig hooves had been grafted onto the stumps. I had a giant pig snout where my nose used to be. I was so out of it that I could not speak properly. Charlie lifted me from the bed and put me in a wagon. He wheeled me into a barn.

Within the pigsty, familiar faces buried within pig skin. Chris, Kyle, Abby. They crawled around on their stumps through a pile of hay, moaning for help through misty eyes. Charlie placed me in the pigpen with them.

“Time for the first roast, just finished cleaning my skewer. Ladies first.”

Charlie picked up Abby and brought her around the side of the barn. We heard torturous howls as she was impaled. With the gate slightly open, I attempted to escape. I eventually made it to a road.

A pickup truck driver stopped and almost keeled over when he saw my human features. I was able to get out a few words.

“Call for help. More in the barn—”

I passed out. When I woke up, I was in a hospital recovery room. I learned that Chris and Kyle were freed, but unfortunately Abby succumbed immediately during the roast. As for Charlie, he is currently going through the court system.

I’m telling you this through my voice-to-text device. I’ve gotten better the past few weeks, but I will never be the same. I will never be fully human.

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