Whatever I pull out of the hat is what we talk about – Short Horror Story

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I went up to Julian who is an old retired man now and is living in a care home, and he spends his days depressingly thinking about the past, and sadness at the coming future. I bring out my large hat and Julian becomes scared as he knows what this hat is about. I am glad that Julian is aware of the hat and that he knows what is about to happen. I say onto Julian "what ever I pluck out from this hat is what we talk about" and Julian nods his head and the only positive thing about this is that it makes Julian stop thinking about wanting to be young and concentrate on the present.

From the hat I first show it to Julian and he sees that it is empty, and I then pluck out a decapitated head. Julian gasps in fright because he chopped off that head when he was a young man, and seeing it now after all these years and how it hadn't decomposed, had brought back the memories. I urged Julian that we needed to talk about this head as I got it out of the hat, and Julian didn't want to talk about it at first but I was giving him no choice. Julian told me that the head belonged to his friend and he departed it from the body because his friends body had it's own mind and was doing its own thing.

So decapitation was the only option but it also killed his friend completely and then there was a silence after the confession, and I then plucked out a wet jacket from the hat. I demanded Julian to talk about the wet coat which I plucked out from the hat and Julian didn't want to talk about the wet coat and I gave him no choice but to talk about the wet coat. Julian told me that he once went fishing alone for some quite time many years ago and he didn't intend to catch any fish that day, but when something started tugging on his fishing rod he became surprised. He didn't catch any fish but a man wearing that same jacket that I had plucked out of the hat, and this strange man had grabbed hold of his fishing rod by his mouth. He was swimming like a fish deep in the water.

As soon as Julian saw what he had caught he started stabbing this man that he caught in the water, and the man slowly went back down to the bottom of the water. Then when I plucked out Julian's real dead body from out of the hat, fake Julian then told me that he had impersonated real Julian many years ago by killing him to survive on our world. Plucking things from hats is a great way to get people talking.

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