What happened? : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

I think I wake up on the beach, based off of the sandy texture under me. I am covered in something, is it seaweed? It hurts. Not like a pain, but more of a throb. Everything around me hurts in this way. I can’t see. I’m stuck in the seaweed. I try to look out, hear something. Nothing. There’s no sound. Do people even notice me? I’m obviously struggling, is no one even caring that I am in pain? I reach out and feel something, something else on top of me. Someone stepped in my hand, grabbed it, and spelled “stay still” with their fingers on my arm. The hairs wherever he wrote raised in fear, and I try to scream. I can’t. I’m stuck. And what can I even do about it? It’s then that I feel a sharp pain rather than a throb in my back. It felt like something fell on me, something sharp. It’s then that the ground vibrates, and although I can’t hear it, I know they are cheering.

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