what are you a black belt at? : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Yulak is a black belt in accounting and he is very good at dealing with the accounts. He is also amazing at dealing with the office jobs and dealing with the politics that goes within the office. Yulak is also a great manager and is a black belt at that as well, and whenever he puts on a white belt and goes into the office from home, his white belt turns to a black belt and everyone knows that he is a master at accounting and working inside an office. He is a white belt at home though because he didn’t know that he was married and also had kids that were his for ten years straight and just thought that they were room mates of some kind. He is no fake black belt at accounting though and he can be trusted when working in an office type environment.

Then whenever someone like paul is in the bike storage at the residential building his flat resides in, his white belt turns to black and he reassures people that everything is fine. People start crying and they start saying to each other that no bike has been stolen inside the bike storage and that’s why they are crying. Some people get confused when they see other people crying at no bikes being stolen inside the bike storage. Then the people crying about no bikes being stolen explain to those that are confused, that Paul is a black belt at abducting people and if he is inside the bike room storage where no bike has been stolen, then that means that the actual bike riders have been stolen.

Then there are people like crowne and people saw that his white belt had turned black and he was standing on flat ground. People were terrified at crowne for having a black belt and standing on flat ground, and then when people saw that his black belt had turned to a white belt when he stood on bumpy ground, they became even more horrified. Then the people horrified at crowne having a black belt for standing on flat ground, had explained to others that were confused, that crowne was a black belt at burying living people and making flat ground out of it. The horrified people also explained to them that crowne was also a beginner and a white belt at stopping dead people from rising from the ground.

What colour belt are you are certain things?

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