VHS – Short Horror Story

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Mom and I had lost touch over the years, especially since she’d retired to Florida. I was rummaging through her things at the old house to get it ready to sell when I found the tape.

Sitting on top of her bulbous, aging TV was a single, unmarked VHS tape. Curious, I popped it into the built in tape player. A fuzzy, gray screen came into focus. A lone figure sat alone in a bare, white room with no windows. There was no sound.

What the hell is this? I wondered. The unkempt figure rose and stiffly approached the camera. They looked dingy, with wild hair that obscured their face. The video gave me the creeps.

I pressed the fast forward button to see what happened. The gaunt figure rapidly moved around the room before collapsing on the floor, where they lay still.

“Ugh!” I said. Unsettled, I ejected the tape. Creepy as hell. I left the house in a hurry. I didn’t want to be alone there any longer.

That night I dreamed I was in the room- that room.

Alone and miserably hungry, I paced the cell, screaming my lungs raw as I cried for help-

I sat up in bed, sweating in the darkness. I fumbled for the light switch.

The lamp cast a warm glow of light over a bare, white room with no windows.

I felt sick to my stomach.

I knew where Mom was- she hadn’t gone to Florida after all.

She’d been trapped in the tape- and I’d killed her by watching it.

And when someone else found it, I’d suffer the same, fast- forwarded fate.

submitted by /u/sunshine_dreaming

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