Ugly – Short Horror Story

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How, how was I born like this. Why am I like this, it doesn't make sense I shower, I shave, my hair is in always nice, but my skin itches like something wants out. Everyone is scared of me they run,scream, get physical, why am I ugly, is it my chin or my lips. I ask women and they say it's the lump on my neck, ………do they mean my HEAD I can't change that. That's why women are no good because it's about looks to them. Like I can change that, but I do hear a voice it's so quiet and calming. I think it's my self-conscious, it wants the same thing I want…………….. FREEDOM!! I just want to be free. I need to be free. It's saying scratch, why, why'd it say that, why do I have the urge, why am I scratching, why does it feel so good, NO! Why am I scratching it hurts I'm bleeding, what is that voice, why is it say yes? What is this, why can't I STOP! What the fuck is this thing, WHY, WHY, WHY, why is this happening to me wait am I blacking out, what is happening,

Hmm… Where am I, huh I'm in my room so what was I scratching, what's is the light, WHAT THE FUCK!! IS THAT THING. It looks like a goblin, why is it walking over to me what is it about to do to me. awwwwww it FUCKING BITE ME. IT HURTS. Why can't I move. I need to move, I need to get away from this thi-

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