Tragedy – Short Horror Story

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My sister, Taylor died in a horrible accident. I'll never forget my mother's face when she saw her bare, bloodstained feet, that still twitched as they protruded from beneath the lawnmower.

She had been playing under the heat of the sun in the back garden, as dad mowed the lawn.

Dad looked away for a split second, and that was all it took. Taylor walked out in front of the lawnmower, and he couldn't stop it in time. Taylor was already dead beneath it. Blood began pooling out, and seeping into the soil.

Mum screamed, and dad dropped to his knees crying. Nobody called an ambulance, nobody did anything. For ten whole minutes it was just vacant stares, before coming to their senses, and seeing me staring wide eyed at the bloody scene, and sending me up to my room, telling me to stay there!

My bedroom window gave me a good view of the back garden. So I watched my parents through the cracks of the blinds.

Mum was crying, as she held open a black bin bag for dad, who was in the process of carefully pulling out parts of my sister, and being even more gentle as he lowered them into the bag.

It was four hours before they eventually got most of her out of the lawnmower. They both brang Taylor's remains inside. And one hour later dad came up to my room, looking pale and sickly…

"Do not leave this bedroom! No matter what you hear!" Dad said, before shutting the door, and going back downstairs.

And later that night I did hear weird things, at around 3:00 am, I heard my parents chanting something in unison, in words I could not understand. Then the inhuman wails echoed from downstairs.

Something evil was loose in our house! It was in the walls, and in our minds, rummaging around the brain in search of our deepest fears. I never saw it, but its presence was undeniably felt. And it instilled upon me a bloodcurdling terror of which I had never felt before.

I covered my head with my pillow, and laid for hours in my bed, wide eyed, drenched in sweat, and cowering with fear. Everything had gone silent by the time the sun was beginning to creep in through the window.

I hesitantly got out of bed, still shivering. And cautiously made my way downstairs. And halfway down the stairs, I noticed the familiar sound of something sizzling away on a frying pan. And the wonderful smell of bacon filled my nostrils.

I walked into the kitchen and screamed!

Taylor was sitting at the kitchen table, all crudely sewn up, and expressionless, chewing on a raw piece of bacon, as she stared blankly through white glossy eyes. Mum smiled when she saw me…

"Taylor is all better now!" Mum said, smiling, as she flipped the bacon in the pan."Sit down next to your sister, and have some breakfast."

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