The whispering in the forest : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I have lived in these forest my whole life, the whispering was just part of the charm for me. I never knew where it came from my granddaddy used to tell me it was the fairy people, my dad a much more logical man than he, says it’s an illusion caused by wind blowing between the mountains. I like to believe it was mother nature herself telling us everything’s ok.

Despite all the horror stories you may hear about this place, I always felt safe here among the trees. That all changed a few years back when a child went missing. Around here there are very superstitious bunch, some blamed it on the fairy folk. So, one drunken night a few of those religious folk decided to light a fire and burn the whole forest down. I guess they were afraid of what they did not understand. They should have known not to mess with the fairy folk. 

Sure enough, before the flames stopped, the child did return, not from the forest though, no. She had fallen down a well near her home and it took her two days to climb out. But by then it was too late the fire had taken near half the forest. After that there was no more whispering, and a darkness has been building here ever since. Even though the forest is not the happy place it once was, mother nature or fairy people or whatever else you want to call them, is not gone, no. I hear her cry every night. People say she does this to trick you into helping her, so she can use you to replace the children she had lost. If you hear her weep, you should turn and run the other way, as fast as you can. Not me though. I think she done nothing to no one, and people should let her be. But I’m sure they won’t, since another child is gone missing, I have one guess who they’re going to blame.

People is messing with some powerful shit they don’t understand, and some big changes are on the way because of it. I keep telling them if there not careful a lot of people are going to get hurt, but they just think, I’m a crazy old man. I just pray the child comes home before it’s too late.

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