The thorny brush : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I scream. I am tangled in the thorny brush. I scream for someone to help me. I am located in a swamp, a burrow is underneath the thorns. I see people approach me.

”Holy shit! A woman! shes trapped!”

I recognize that voice. That is my friend. He lives in this swamp. He and I have been together for months. I scream to lead him to me.

“I’ll try and get her.”

An unfamiliar. He must have brought him here. He is approaching me. I scream for him to come near. Just as he is about to touch me, my friend pushes him into the thorny brush. I hear my friend say something.

“Fuck you, you bastard.”

He struggles in the thorny brush. That only puts him deeper in the brush. I crawl towards him. The unfamiliar says something.

“Why did you do that?”

My blackened fingers reach towards him. I scream for a meal. My friend explains.

“You crippled my sister you shitbag.”

My canine teeth emerge. My meat made fur grows out of my skin. My fingers morph into claws. The unfamiliar screams for help. I feast on my meal.

After I am finished with my meal I morph back into my human disguise.

“I might have to move out to help my sister, but I’ll make sure to visit you at least once a year.”

I scream in response. He leaves me for now. I crawl back in my burrow.