The Soulmate : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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“Next stop: Van Nuys.”

Anthony watched the display of stops from his seat and fidgeted with nervous energy as the train got closer to his destination.

He remembered what it first felt like when the app had shown him the message: Your soulmate has been found.

He’d taken one look at William, with his dimpled smile, sandy blonde hair, and built frame, and he’d known. The app was as legit as everyone said. William liked reading mysteries, being at the gym, photography. It was a perfect match.

This wasn’t just another dating app. No, this company was renowned for playing in the big leagues. They required a hair sample to analyze various biometrics. Their personality and personal values quiz was extensive. And then they gave people the one. Anthony had been flustered by some of their more specific questions, like when they’d posed the classic trolley problem. But he’d worked through the answers and finally reached the point where he was presented with attractive, perfect William.

They’d chatted on the app for a while, then agreed to meet.

His anxious energy increased when the train pulled up to Van Nuys. He got off and asked the nearest person how to find 10th Street.

He knocked on the door, and when William answered, he smiled disarmingly. “Hi. Will, right?”

William frowned. “Um, yeah. Who are you?”

He stepped inside. “I’m Delia’s husband.” He plunged the knife into William’s abdomen.

William staggered, disoriented, immediately bleeding profusely.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust his wife. It was that the wave of people leaving their partners for their matches was absolutely unprecedented, and he wasn’t taking his chances. Anthony watched the man he’d catfished as Delia bleed out, and all he could feel was relief that there was no longer anything that could come between him and the woman he loved.

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