The Pianist – Short Horror Story

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I was 14 when I saw my grandma dancing for 2 hours straight and collapsing right in front of me. Despite attempts to make her stop she danced to no end, for the first hour I thought that she is glad for some reason and hence rejoicing, although the second hour she had her eyes wide open, she looked as if she wasn't aware of why she was dancing like that, she seemed shocked and annoyed.

Fear was visible in her eyes, she was also showing gestures, she seemed to be asking me to stop her somehow.

But to no avail, she died right there, Mom and dad who were asleep in the bedroom were shocked to see her dead when they woke up.

Days passed and with time we forgot the incident, although I was still shocked to have seen grandma dancing whist I too was asleep with Maa and Paa that day, I'd had a vision perhaps, the autopsy had shown 'Increased heartbeat due to rapid movement' as the cause of death, in my dream also I could see grandma dancing and collapsing to the tunes of piano.

3 years or so later I was standing near a bus stop and saw Dad. The next moment I heard a piano being payed in the vicinity and Dad started grooving to the tunes of it, I knew what was gonna happen, Dad died the next moment.

I woke up yet again and Dad had died in a similar scenario that I had seen in my dream. I told Mom about it and she was like, oh no sweety, that must be a premonition, don't worry, she said whilst sobbing.

Then one night when I was finding it hard to fall asleep, I was browsing through our recent pictures and videos when I saw a picture of me with a bearded Man who had just one eye…..

It was then that I remembered that the same Man had given me a pamphlet about piano lessons, he was a piano tutor. Since he'd bombed my pic when Mom was taking it, I along with Mom had scolded him, we were very rude to him.

I now regret to have done that, I still remember what he'd replied Me with before leaving, 'Don't worry, Said the Man, I'll teach you in your dreams'

I'm falling asleep again, Mom I'm sorry!

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