The New Signal [700,000 Subs Contest] : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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There is a certain frequency that only those under twenty-five can hear.

The town of Kell Clearing was filled with a few hundred young ears.

One morning came a signal at exactly 17.4k Hertz.

The children complained and wept and said Oh God this hurts.

Neither doctors nor nurses nor priests could stop the pain.

On the second morning, the second signal came.

Now the children began dancing, limbs limp and flying.

By dusk the dancing had kids dropping and dying.

On the third morning, the local signal sent the young into the streets.

Dancing, exhausted, they kept falling and were left covered in sheets.

The local signal changed one last time and this time for good.

Those few who were left were left to stare where they stood,

from windows and doorways, they saw the stranger in his hood.

He approached and took the last child by the hand into the wood.

The signal was gone; the only sound now was the breeze.

That final boy was found later nailed to a number of trees.

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