The most Horrifying way of Torture You can ever Experience : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Never met my mom but it was OK. I didn’t need it. Mr. Genovese. He took care of me and my several sisters for years. Unfortunately I don’t know how to count so I just limit myself to say we’re a lot in the family.

I made a friend once. We were inseparable. We grew up together. Until she left me. I was heart broken and I tried to ask my father why he was taking her away. He just messed up my hair and didn’t answer. I was his favorite so he never hit me like he did my other sisters. If I was annoying he’d gently shove me away.

When my friend left I started paying attention. All my sisters were being taken away and they weren’t coming back. But I was still there. Years passed and I got new sisters and lost so many. After, like I said, I started paying attention, I noticed they were taking several at once at some point. They never came back… they never came back. But I was there and Mr. Genovese; my father always pet me.

I was 100% certain I was there to stay. I was safe. I was safe with my dad protecting me…

Infertility is a word he used one day when I was a fully grown woman.

But although I had no idea what that was; I was safe even though he didn’t sound too happy about it.

“Damn it 97 is incapable of producing milk now so you know what to do.” He said to someone I thought was an uncle since he had been there all my life.

Years and years seeing my sisters leave to never come back gave me a sense of security. I wasn’t gonna be taken… right?

I did.

I looked around. Saw my home for the last time. And I was loaded into a truck with others.

My father put me there himself.

My father tied my back legs and hanged me upside down.

My father cut my throat open and saw me bleed.

My uncle has an ability. He can read people’s minds and communicate with animals too. He promised he’d write my story and share it with you.

My last words: please dad, I still can make it if you…

My dad’s last words to me: she’s gonna be good meat.

Uncle Johnson.

I’m the guy who wrote this. I did it because it was my breaking point. No other cow had ever thought the way she did. And she was in a way right to think that. She couldn’t have babies(yes I call them babies). So she was never sent to the milk farm. I worked at an industrial farm so the cows are immediately taken, get their udders plugged into a machine and it sucks their milks basically all day and they’re always standing. No rest. So she never suffered. Until that one last day. I saw her tears. And it still haunts me today.

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