The Magpie Song [700,000 Subs Contest] – Short Horror Story

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There's a flock of magpies round me, round me,

They soar as high as you see, you see,

They took my eyes, but fairly paid,

For I rest in their eyes as even trade,

Spanning the land and the sea, the sea,


There's a flock of blackbirds in flight, in flight,

They move to and fro every night, every night,

They took my ears, beaks sharp and wry,

But it favors me with each sobbing cry,

Found in the spaces away from the light, the light,


There's a flock of crows crying loud, crying loud,

They cast shadows great as a cloud, a shroud,

They took my tongue, and so my voice,

By then I was strong–they had no choice,

It's with their pink darts I taste the tears, the tears.


There's a sky full of rooks and it's me, it's me,

See the remains in the field I used to be, used to be,

But now I move free, still young and hungry,

Still reaching out into the void.


I see you.


Shining there.


Your spirit.




submitted by /u/Verastahl

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