The Long Slumber : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I usually arrive to the elevator with a group of people waiting, but today it was just me. With a loud creak the elevator arrives, lethargically opening I enter. It was one man there, looking rather dejected, I say Good-morning. His stare locked to the ground. I stay quiet and click to the first floor. A short time passes until…

“Beautiful but yet so cruel, I thought I could be a veracious man, but you only have so much time. I just wish I could gaze upon them once more”.

Confused, I asked him to expound.

“I hoped to see something so pure, crafted to perfection. As we go, I fear that gets more unattainable. Forgive me”.

Thinking he is just weird, I look to the floor counter and it’s at negative ten. Alarmed, I look back at the man and his eyes are locked to me intensely. With a concerned cry I ask what is going on.

“You’re so young, I wish you could have relished it longer. Patience now child, we will soon arrive to purgatory”.

My heart felt dense, sweating profusely, I ask if this was all a joke.

“It’s the long slumber child, can you recall waking up??”.

I couldn’t, all of my weight fell onto the wall of the elevator, I couldn’t take it.

“It’s still a beautiful thing life is. Even in it’s demise”.


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