The Last King of the Cosmos : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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The Last King of the Cosmos

Sat on his cosmic throne

And watched the stars beset the sky

In his vessel, all day, alone.

He marvelled as they shone so bright

A burning solar collection

The heavens’ eyes were met with his

The Cosmic King’s reflection.

How long had he sat there, watching out?

So many before had cried

The stars watched him as he was born.

And would watch him as he died.

Yet one day a cry rang through the void

A truth had split his mind.

The practitioners told the cosmic king

That soon he would turn blind.

Without his eyes he could still rule,

Dictate the laws that passed.

‘But why govern all of time and space

When I cannot see the stars?’

The Cosmic King on his Cosmic Throne

Sat as each day drew dimmer.

Yet as the light outside withdrew

His thoughts began to shimmer.

The plan was carried out without

Announcement of its beginning.

The people know it only as

The Silent Darkening.

The night sky sits now, dark and cold.

Its light shines in the past.

For none shall see that which he could not:

The Last King of the Stars.

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