The Lady In The Woods : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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“Leave that squirrel alone!” Andy yelled to his dog, a little Pug named Gus, who was now in the process of crunching down on the squirrel’s skull.

Andy winced at the sight of the squirrel that Gus happily clutched between his jaws like a prize.

“Gus, get here now!” Andy yelled.

Gus came plodding over to Andy, with the squirrel still in his jaws. He dropped it at Andy’s feet, and looked up at him with cute bulging eyes.

“I can’t stay mad at you boy,” Andy said, as he knelt down to scratch Gus behind his ears.

Andy discarded the dead squirrel, and they both continued down the dirt path through the woods.

Ten minutes later, he paused, and Gus’s ears pricked up. A beautiful angelic voice permeated the forest. Andy had never heard a woman sing so sweetly.

Andy went off the dirt road, and began to follow the sound, as Gus followed beside him.

After twenty minutes of searching, the singing finally sounded close. And when he peered through the bush, he saw a pretty red haired woman sitting upon a fallen tree trunk.

Gus shot between Andy’s legs, and bolted towards the singing woman.

“Come back here!” Andy yelled, as he chased after Gus.

Gus paused at the woman’s feet. She stopped singing and began to stroke him, as he licked her hand.

“I’m so sorry!” Andy said, as he approached.

The woman looked at him, and smiled. He gazed on her beautiful face. Her pale complexion blended with her bright green eyes exquisitely.

“These are free woods, and all of earth’s creatures are welcome here!” The woman said, in a soft voice.

Andy smiled, before speaking…

“I’m Andy, and that little fella there is Gus.”

“I knew that already,” the woman replied.

Andy’s face took on a look of confusion…

“How?” Andy asked.

The woman continued to pet Gus, as he rubbed his head into her hand affectionately…

“There are no secrets here. Not in my domain!” The woman said.

“Huh?” Andy replied.

The woman picked Gus up, and cradled him into her arms, as he licked her face.

“The animals tell me everything, especially the squirrels!” The woman said, as she tightened her grip on Gus.

“Come here Gus!” Andy shouted, wanting to get away from the crazy bitch.

The woman held Gus high up into the air, as he frantically tried to get out of her grasp…

“Take your revenge my darlings!” The woman yelled up into the trees.

Hundreds of squirrels leaped from the trees and snatched Gus from her grip, and Andy lost sight as he was swarmed by them. Andy heard him yelp in pain.

A squirrel jumped onto Andy’s arm, he tried to get it off, but more had begun to overwhelm him, he fell to the floor, and they began clambering over him, and biting small chunks out of his flesh.

The woman sat back down, and watched the squirrels feasting…

She then began to sing.

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