The crow : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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tap tap tap

What’s that? I opened my eyes and briefly peeled around my empty room… I don’t see anything. I lay my head back down and began to sleep again.

TAP tap tap

Ok what IS that?! I’m trying to sleep!

tap TAP tap taptap

I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and grabbed my matches, lit the candle at my bedside table, and checked my clock. The time read as a little before 5am, I had to start chores soon, there goes my last bit of sleep.

taptap TAP

What on earth, it sounds like it’s coming from the window…

I grabbed my candle and made my way to the window, to draw back the curtains.

tap taptap tap

Why it was a small crow, making its next up against my windowsill, in my small flower pot on the outside ledge. I went to my small kitchen area of my quarters and grabbed a piece of bread from the bread drawer. I slowly opened the left door of my window and offered a small piece of the bread to the crow.

He happily took the peice of bread and began to nibble it. While he nibbled I made sure to take a few more pieces off and set them gently on the ledge outside of my window, next to nest in my pot of baby’s breath.


That was the grandfather clock in my room, it was 5, time for me to get ready and tend to my chores.

I put my hair up, ate what was left of my bread, and got my dress and apron on. I headed upstairs to tend to the kitchen, grabbed Miss Eliza’s breakfast, and headed to her room.

“About time” she hissed, as I set down her breakfast tray. “I’m so sorry miss Eliza, won’t happen again” “Laundry, then come back to dress me and brush my hair I have meetings to attend today on behalf of the kingdom.” She said “Of course, right away mum”

I grabbed her laundry basket and went to stop it off the the launderers down in the pond outside.

“Hey Hilda, how are you today?” Asked Drew, one of the gardeners. “Good, have to help miss Eliza with her dressing today.” “It’s got to be done.” He sighed “Isn’t that true!” I said, walking off. As I was waiting goodbye I accidentally stepped on a thorn, by the rose bushes. My foot was bleeding and it was very badly, I kept moving because I was very close to the pond anyways.

Most people use a basin and soap to wash their clothes but miss Eliza and her family insist on using the pond and soap nuts to wash their clothes, as is tradition for royals in our kingdom.

“Miss Eliza’s clothes, when should I be back for them?” I asked Mysty, who was taking the bucket to hand to the rest of the crew in the pond.

“Come back when the clock reads around 12 noon” she said “we’re a little backed up”

“Alright, sounds good-“

“Is your foot bleeding?” She asked

“Oh yes I happens to have stepped on a thorn-“ “Here, a stupid crow came flying by here, dropping its feathers in my clean launderings, but he did happen to have this in his mouth. Threw a brassier at him and he dropped it.” She handed me a bandage.

“Oh how lucky! Thank goodness.” I put the bandage on and made my way back to Eliza’s to help her dress, she requested I tidy her room and then return to my quarters as she wouldn’t mess me until she got back, to undress and wash.

I finished my chores and went back to my room, I sat down at my chair, and pulled the curtain back to let some light in.

The crow was gone, but there was change in the nest! I rarely get to see or touch actual money, my job pays me by giving me a bed and meals, everything I need is provided by the castle, I’d only ever held a few pence in my whole life…

I check around for the crow, opened my window and took the change.

12 pence!

I’ve never had so much money!

I need to find a place to hide this!

I ran to my wardrobe and found an old sewing kit, I put the money in my sewing kit and put it on the top of my wardrobe, under some spare fabric to make it fix my clothes.

How exciting.

The next day, I woke up to the sound of the crow.

tap tap tip tap

I tried to ignore it but he’s just. So. Loud.

TAP tap tap taptap TAP

I sat up and decided to check the time.

A little before 5 am, again.

This crow doesn’t want me to get my beauty sleep, does he?

I grabbed my load of bread from dinner last night and opened my curtain. There was the crow, tapping on my window.

“We’ll good morning to you too”

He looked at me, like he could understand me.

“Thankyou for my coins” I said, handing him his small pieces of bread.


Oh there’s that clock again.


I’d better get to my chores.

Today miss Eliza had me sewing her dresses to fit her better, the only issue was they were too small. I tried to explain this to her but she insisted I was an imbecile, slapped me and sent me to my quarters without dinner, as it was a condition of my job to be fed, and I was not doing my job.

I was sobbing in my room when I heard it,

TAPTAP tip tap TAP

My crow!

I ran to my window and opened the curtain, there he was with a white cloth in his mouth. The cloth was holding something inside…

I opened the window and to my surprise he FLEW INSIDE!!

“Oh my!”

He dropped the cloth on my bed and flew back out, to his nest.

“I wonder…”

I opened the cloth and there was bread, and sausage, fully cooked.

“How did you get this?” I turned to the crow but he was already gone.

I assumed it was an answered prayer and ate the delicious food, saving some of the bread for my friend the crow of course.

In the morning I was awoken to the sound of my grandfather clock.


I checked by my window but there was no crow, how sad.

When I went to miss Eliza’s room nobody was there. I asked around and heard from the head butler that I am to stay in my quarters today and miss Eliza had been rushed to the hospital, for she suffered an accident late last night and needed surgery.

I was so worried, poor miss Eliza.

Once in my quarters I heard the crow

tap tap tap

I opened the window and there in his mouth… was an eyeball, with a sparkling blue iris… just like miss Eliza’s…

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