The bus – Short Horror Story

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Francis was a friendly bus driver who would always greet me with a smile whenever I'd take his bus on the nights where work took longer than usual.

I'd often find myself with the same people on the vehicle and most of the time I felt safe enough to close my eyes and rest for a bit.

Come friday though the public transport gave me new passengers. A nice looking old couple, a man with his baby, and a bunch of loud teenagers.

A dead phone was the last thing you'd want on days like this as there was no other way for you to cancel the noise.

I always situated myself near the door as escape, in the worse cases, would be easy. That seat gave me a clear view of where we were heading and as minutes passed I noticed how the route started to change.

My eyes darted toward Francis who was rigid in his driving. I found it odd because he was usually relaxed and the loud banter of the teens along with the eerieness of the situation didn't help at all.

I was about to call for Francis's attention when one of my usual fellow passenger beat me to it.

"Hey France? You're going the wrong way man."

His question was met by silence and with the increased speed of the bus. It was that action that caught the attention of the other passengers as well.

Chaos soon ensued as our confusion and fear started to mix altogether with the added acceleration of the vehicle. I could hear the little cries of the baby, the distress in the old woman's voice and the curses that left the mouths of others.

Pleads and threats were thrown at Francis but he refused to acknowledge a single thing as he kept his focus on the road. It was only when we neared the police station, a landmark that was at least three kilometers away from our destination, did Francis stepped on the break.

I watched him get up from his driver's seat and slowly approached me. His eyes were both steel and cotton for they lacked emotion but held tears at the same time. I clutched my bag as I desperately tried to form a plan of defense for whatever was coming my way. What he whispered next though made my heart stop before it raced with anxiety.

"Please go inside the police station and ask for help. That man in the back is carrying my baby."

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