The boy who didn’t look back. : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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They never spoke a word. Always in silence, at all times! Play time was quiet, entertainment was kept at a near mute. Society never looked for them. Always in the house and never into the world, at least not yet!

He’s out of breathe and panicking while running! A loud scream was let out. It was a girl busting through the door. “They have a gun!” The man quickly kicked out the window. They all jumped out the house. Jumping the fence, running through the alley way, climbing over the barb wires while all out of breathe.

They all eventually came out of the darkness into the corrupted society. Tears falling down there eyes as they all wondered “where is they boy?” The girl said we left him that was him that screamed. They all cried and waited patiently for a word.

Police everywhere as they found the boy. The boy says nothing as they ask. He says it was a shotgun in my face, I had to hide in the closet when I ran. The corrupted society found them. But luckily the boy never spoke a word. They were lucky, this time.

Now the boys father comes home. Everyone leaves. They all slept good that night, considering it could have been more grave worse. They turn on the news the next day, as they see the father on the TV. Live from Channel 6 a man had been tied up, kidnapped, and an attempted robbery was in progress.

The men are dead and the father is alive and safe. There is no family there it’s just the man. It was all up, the game was over. The family were forever running from society who are in search for the man’s descendants. They all bunched up in a little house and were never heard from again.

Cramped up in the little house, the boy grew into a man and decided to leave. Arrested on sight the boy was picked. As the others were suspecting, they now knew society was closer than ever. They were all afraid, now! They never spoke a word again and decided to change their ways at home.

The girl wanted to leave but she had no where to go. So she went and got married and eventually caught by society. They took everything from her. The rest of the family cried as they had no options and everything was obvious. They knew society had a hit on the entire family.

One of the members decided to run and to never look back. As soon as he left. Society found the rest of the family and now they are all dead as this family member decided to keep running and never stop. Eventually running into so many situations from society. He began to get better and better eventually deciding to kill society!

None of the family were never heard from again!

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