The Anniversary : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Today is an important day for Julie, her 5th anniversary. She is lying in bed scrolling through Facebook patiently waiting for her, “surprize breakfast” her husband Paul is loudly preparing.

When he eventually arrives, he is holding a tray with his favourite breakfast, waffles, bacon, syrup,” happy 6th anniversary honey” he announced. Despite this she thanked him and started to eat. Paul took out a box from under the bed, “I was going to give it to you at dinner, but I just can’t wait to see your reaction”

It was just what she always wanted, a cordless iron, no more tangled wires for Julie, she can do the ironing anywhere, freedom at last. She couldn’t thank him enough, what an amazing husband she has. Barely able to hold in her excitement, “YES! What a fantastic day I’m in for” she bragged as she rushed downstairs and ran to the ironing board. 

Paul soon left for work, while Julie continued using her special gift. Suddenly she hears a bang and rushes to the window, to her horror she sees what only can be described as scene from a horror movie. Her poor husband is completely surrounded by little blue furry octopus looking aliens with two heads. Without a second thought and no concern for her own safety she ran to his rescue, but when she opened the front door, there was one standing right outside.

The creature instantly jumped towards her face, but luckily her special training kicked in and she drew her iron just like a pro then pushed the steam button. The horrible thing screeched from the scalding steam before falling to the ground dead. Realizing the true power of what she was actually yielding, she shouts, “Come on ladies, get your irons out” to all the onlooking wives, mothers, and daughters, unfortunately most were not as lucky as Julie, and only had corded irons.

“Help me” Paul screams as he tries to free himself from the horrid beasts.

She quickly makes her way over swinging like a mad woman killing everything in her path to save her dear husband. By the time she reached him she is completely out of steam but still she won’t give up, Bang, bang she knock them off him with her trusty iron. Finally, there all dead.

Paul sighed in relief, “Thank you honey you saved my life.” before trying to stand.

With one last swing of her precious iron, she knocked him unconscious, “Thanks for the fucking iron, dear”

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