The abandoned house ⚠️some gore, not super descriptive but it’s there⚠️ : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I continued to wander threw the empty hallways, the group had started with ten and now there was only 5 of us, everyone thought I did it because I found the first body. I turned another corner and found Emilia and Alex laying lifeless on the floor, dark blood surrounded them leaking from a large hole in the middle of their chests, the holes where so deep you couldn’t easily see the end, I had to cover my mouth and look away to not throw up. I ran to find Bailey, she had always known what to do when we where kids though that was 10 years ago… I slid to a stop in front of her and summer “Bailey!” I panted “What is it Hazel?” She questioned, “Alex and Emilia are dead!” I yelled in a panic “it must of been Sumer!” I yelled i only really accused her because she was the only other person here “oh Hazel we know” Bailey replied with a icy calm, “we both did do” summer continued with the same icy calm “wait what?!” I stepped back “we did it” Bailey continued “I thought I could trust you!” I yelled at Bailey, we had been friends for years but when we where kids she had always been willing to kill… “let’s end this little game” Bailey spoke calmly while reaching into her hoodie pocket…

Bailey gently placed Hazel’s bow from the house on a shelf of other random items.

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