Surprise : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Bailey was dissappointed when she received an apologetic call from her boyfriend stating that he couldn’t make it to her birthday party.

Due to work in another state, the boy was forced to travel and distance soon became the challenge for the couple.

So on the late evening on the day before her celebration, Bailey was surprised at the notification sound from her phone. It was a personal tone and the girl knew exactly who it was.

Joy filled her heart as she scrambled on the bed, excited to read the message. Blue eyes widened as soon as the text was read, a text that contained a sultry request.

Sexting was something they’ve done before and Bailey thought that this was her boyfriend’s way of making up for not being able to attend her birthday.

Passion filled the exchange and as soon as Bailey informed the boy that she was close, he asked her to call him so he could hear her release.

Bailey didn’t think twice and the ring was answered on the first try and the woman let out the dirtiest sound, surprising herself even. She heard faint panting on the other end that soon disappeared when the boy ended the call.

Confusion swam along with her contentment at the boy’s action but Bailey paid no mind. Her bliss was cut short by the doorbell buzz on her front door and when she opened it she couldn’t believe her eyes.

It was her boyfriend, carrying wine and flowers for Bailey. The boy gave his biggest smile as the word “surprise?” left his mouth.

A puzzled look occupied the woman’s face which the boy was quick to give an explanation in the hopes of atonement.

“I wanted to call, I’m so sorry, I know how much you like to be prepared but I lost my phone in the bar. You know, the one my friend owns? That’s where I picked up this wine from. I only noticed when I was a block away from your house.”

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