Superhumans : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

It was around 2025 when the first superhuman was born.

It’s skin was made of an organic metal. It wasn’t dissimilar to stainless steel. Objects also seemed to be attracted to it.

Naturally, the government swoop in. They originally thought it was some disease. They quickly realized it was some sort of odd birth defect. The parents were examined and showed no anomalies in their genes. They are still under observation in a lab somewhere.

The world is scared of things that were different than them. This applied to the first superhuman too. He was vivisected and his skin was peeled of for study. After all, humanity was afraid of things that could not be understood.

A year after the first superhuman was born, another one was born. This time it could grow shadowy creatures out of its body. This one was also taken, experimented on, and the parents detained.

Soon, more of them were born. Eventually, there was one born almost every week. Of course not all were captured, some managed to either escape or evade capture. One who escaped caused 21 casualties before being exterminated. One of the ones who evaded capture accidentally killed its family.

These incidents of course caused people to reject the superhumans. Some superhumans were kidnapped and tortured by people. Eventually, most of the superhuman population were wiped out. Most of the kills were from the government controlling the population. Eventually, the superhuman population went extinct.

This entry is dedicated to the superhuman race. A fearsome species of beasts that threatened the human race. May they never roam the earth again.

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